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Good morning  Lovelies, and oh what a week it’s been. Hubby and son came home from their trek through Tassie and had some interesting tales to tell. Our adventurous, rock hopping, Legolas light foot, mountain climbing son hiked to the summit of Cradle Mountain and managed to send home some hair raising footage of himself a bit too close to the unstable, snow peaked sheer cliff which sent his mother into a bit of a spin…but otherwise he was pretty pleased with his efforts, especially since a few people told him he wouldn’t make it to the top. Well done mate. So proud. (Now that you are back on level ground!)

I tell my kids that  I climb a mountain every day. It’s made up entirely of their clothes and the view is not nearly as spectacular as Cradle Mountain. Seriously though, I do believe that mothers everywhere are climbing their own mountains every day. We all juggle so many responsibilities, pouring our hearts and lives into our families and work. Each day can seem daunting in it’s relentless demands. 

That’s one reason I like cake. Well, I do like eating cake, but specifically making cakes. When I am swirling my spatula or arranging flowers on a cake, I feel like an artist at work. It has nothing to do with dirty laundry, messy bedrooms or niggling children. It’s all about creating beauty and working together with the cake to bring out it’s identity. 

Don’t laugh, it’s true. Last night as I was finishing off a cake for my daughter’s birthday party today, I realised that I was talking to the cake and needed to keep working on it until it became exactly what it was destined to be. Each cake I make seems to have a will of it’s own and through my hands it comes into being.

I love that. 

This two tiered wedding cake I made a few weeks ago most certainly had a life of it’s own. While I had an inspiration photo from the bride to be, it kept growing and became more wonderful with every flower I put on it. (Am I allowed to say that about my own cake?) I just fell in love with it. The colours were so vibrant and intense and full of passion. Without a doubt, the stars of the show were the stunning flowers. They were simply breathtaking and gave the cake such dramatic flair.  

The bottom tier was a chocolate kahlua cake and the top was Lime and coconut. Teal buttercream and a chocolate ganache drip set the stage for dressing up this beauty in all of it’s spring time glory. I couldn’t resist topping it off with a hot pink candy melt crown, a couple of dipped strawberries and pink meringues.  

I loved this cake so much. If I could do my wedding over again, this is definitely the cake I would make. It was such a show stopper. I am crazy about the colours and love a cake that screams out “I’m here! Don’t even think about putting me in some dingy back room to be ignored.”  Nobody puts my Baby in a corner!  

On that note, I ‘ve gotta fly. It’s Cactus Party day today and I am just a little bit crazy in love with it too! Cannot wait to show you the photos and tell you all about it. 

Until next week then, 

Lots of love,

Anna xx 

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