Let’s Be Pen Pals

Good morning Lovelies. I’m sending this post from a cosy cabin tucked away in the bushland beside an untamed stretch of coast with my dear family and parents. Kangaroos freely roam the grounds and this morning I stumbled upon a wee joey with his head poked in mama’s pouch having his morning suckle. So precious. It’s wonderful to get away, even if it’s just for a few days. Hubby is officiating a wedding ceremony for one of his oldest friends, who is getting married at a local dolphin marine park. I’m looking forward to seeing such an unusual wedding.

It’s nice hanging out with my parents. We went camping quite a bit when I was a kid. Not so much at the beach, but out in rural Australia near massive dams, where water skiing, swimming and campfires were the order of the day. I’m not much of an outdoor gal these days, but I loved the freedom of a carefree childhood when life was so much simpler. 

I was a child of the 70’s, but it was as a teenager in the 80’s when I really came alive!  Oh yes, those were the glory years my friends….and to this day I cannot listen to Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Culture Club or INXS without shakin’ my bootee in a giddish glee that only those who donned big hair, shoulder pads, fluro socks and fingerless gloves could truly appreciate. (Can I just brag here for a minute that I was in the front row of an INXS concert at our local town hall before they even became super famous! So good. Or does that just make me look really old?)

With the help of Spotify, I have recently rediscovered my old music (which is mostly still waiting in a dusty box until I can find a cool record player to bring them back to life). My kitchen has turned into a disco as I prepare dinner while introducing my girls to pop legends who have stood the test of time. 

Enter Cyndi Lauper. And this cake. 

Oh my. Cyndi is just SO fabulous! She can hit notes that are humanly impossible. Her flamboyance kills me and her songs are just so good for grooving in the kitchen with your kids. If you’re not convinced, or were tragically born too late to be an 80’s trend setting teenager, then listen to “When You Were Mine” or “Money Changes Everything”. Need I even mention “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Seriously.  Cyndi Lauper just is and always has been cool. I love her vibrancy and eclectic style. Maybe it’s an 80’s thing, or maybe she takes me back to some pretty cool memories, or maybe she helps me remember what it was like to feel 16 again, carefree and full of young life, just for a minute. But oh, sometimes memory lane is just awesome. 

If Cyndi Lauper was a cake, then I like to think she would look something like this. More extravagant maybe, but the spirit of She Bop lives here in the iridescent pink and yellow with floral frills and sprinkles of love. This cake reminds me of the Queen of Pop.


I made this cake as a last minute birthday gift for a friend of my sister in law. Knowing she is not one to shy away from colour I indulged myself in a bit of creative expression and had a blast punching out some of my favourite colours. They all enjoyed eating it, and now you get to listen to my cake ramblings. Who said cake was just cake? Cake is an experience.

Thanks for indulging my fancies friends. You’re the best. xx


  • Rose | RoseBakes.com

    Anna… this cake!! It’s SO much fun!! And naming all of those musicians definitely brings back memories 🙂 T

    • A
      Mama Bear

      Ohh Thanks lovely Rose. I’m so happy you like it! I had so much fun making it, and also writing this post! Lots of Love xx

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