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My adventure into the world of baking began over three decades ago, amidst the laughter and chaos of raising a large family along with my husband. It was in my pink kitchen where I found a creative outlet, turning simple ingredients into works of art.

Contributing to the beauty of the world

In 2012, encouraged by my daughter, I started a blog to share my recipes and the stories behind them, blending my passions for photography, styling, baking, and storytelling. The internet became an unexpected avenue for me to share my creativity and spread joy through my creations.

Creating experiences filled with love, care, and a touch of nostalgia

I believe in the power of beauty to brighten someone’s day, if even just for a moment. Whether through a photograph, a styled cake, perfectly set tea table or a story, I aim to share my passion for beauty and the art of celebration. My goal is to provide you with moments of joy and connection through faith, hope and cake.

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop me a line and say hello. 

The tea pot is always brewing.

Real Sweet Talk

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Anna’s attention to detail and creative flair, not to mention her beautiful friendly personality will bring your cakes to life with stunning expertise. The
- J
This is completely drop dead gorgeous, exquisite! I couldn’t wait to see how you’d style this cake. They would have been over the moon
- Pretty Produce
This just feeds my bohemian soul!
- B
That looks so romantic! I love your style.
- S
Your photos always cause me to pause and take a deep breath. Stunning work and artistry. I just want to fall into your images
- T
This is pretty. I could cry. Making things of such beauty is so healing for the maker and the beholders.
- T
I love how vibrant this beautiful cake is! You blow my mind every time. Northern Rivers is so lucky to have such a talented
- K
Seriously this woman’s creations are out of this world!! I’ve seen a lot of lambeth cakes and this is THE best I’ve seen!
- B
The cake was the very best coffee cake we’ve ever had, truly. And we’ve had a few in our time.
- C

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