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Well…here it is. 2015 is bursting through the door and waits for no man. All we can do now is hold the door open wide and welcome it in. Ready or not, a year of new beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities awaits. As we take stock of the past year and reflect on it before barging into the next one, some of us will look with satisfaction over all that was accomplished or experienced. Others will breathe a sigh of relief that it’s finally over and can only hope that 2015 brings better fortune and easier times.

 As for me, I am pleased to be putting last year behind me. I confess it was a tough year in many ways. I don’t think I have ever felt so stretched as a wife and mother. It seems to have taken every single ounce of energy just to make it through each day. While we have enjoyed many good times together as a family, with loads of highlights and special memories, the daily grind was quite exhausting.
Have you ever read christmas letters from well meaning friends who seem to have had a bumper year and tell you all about their achievements and how well their children are going? They tell you about their overseas holidays and special nights away alone with hubby. Long lunches with friends and a social life that you can only dream about. Have you ever read these letters and burst into tears? That was me. Don’t get me wrong. I actually love getting these newsy updates…honestly. It’s just that when you have to take the letter into the toilet to read it with your two year old who needs to do a poo……and insists you put your left hand on her knee and takes at least twenty minutes to do her business before insisting that she wipes her own bottom and have foam soap on her hands and then declares “More poo!” …..that you start to think that you might just be missing something.

Motherhood is tough. You don’t really get that in the manual. Prolonged motherhood is even tougher. You don’t get told that either. Juggling teenagers and toddlers is a master act. There just ain’t much left in the tank when you are constantly giving so much to so many.

So yes, I am weary. It has been a big year. Do I feel like my life is sliding away into a blur of oblivion? Sometimes. Do I wish I could eat alone occasionally? Or sleep through the night? Or spend more time praying for my children? Yes.
Am I trying to be a good mother? Am I giving my all for the sake of these wee ones in my charge?


A little while ago, my reflective nine year old daughter asked me who her real father is.

“Is God my Daddy, or is Daddy my Daddy?”

“Well, both” I answered.

“God is your Heavenly Father, and Daddy is your earthly father..they are both your fathers.”

“So…….I have two Dad’s?”

“Yes you do.”

” But I only have one Mummy?”

“Yes you do. ”

That would be me.


Gulp. Yes, I am it. For better or for worse, I am the only mother my children will ever have. That thought compounded me hard. What a privilege. What an intense responsibility. What an honour. To be loved solely as the mother of my children. Somehow in the midst of twenty years of potty training, that thought makes me feel important. It makes me feel valuable and deeply, deeply loved.


So, I am glad 2014 is over.  Somehow the dawning of a new year brings renewed hope for better days, a clean slate to start again, motivation to be a better Mummy, energy to clean out those old messy cupboards and reorganise my house and life!  I would like to get a little, no, a lot more sleep this year. I want to enjoy my children more. I want to remind myself that this big, marvellous life I live is the only place in the world I want to be. I want to rise up, stand strong and allow the Lord to be my strength and joy. As I walk out and face the sunshine today, I am ever so grateful to be the only mother my children will ever have, and I will continue to pour my heart and soul into being the best Mum I can be.

“The LORD will fight for you: you need only to be still”
Exodus 14:14

Getting There/Steffany Gretzinger
Further seems forever
Until you’ve seen, until you get there
Until you feel that promised land beneath your feet
There’s a reason for the journey
There is purpose in the learning
Not everything in life comes naturally
No, not everything in life comes easily
But we’re getting there
We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way
And we’re getting there
Your Presence is the promise
There is nothing that can stop us 
we’re on our way
We’ve tasted of Your goodness
We know that You are for us
We can hear the sound of Heaven cheer us on
Every day begins with mercy
Every moment filled with beauty
Knowing You have gone before us with the sun
Knowing You believe in us with confidence we’ve won
And we’re getting there
We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way
And we’re getting there
Your presence is the promise
There is nothing that can stop us
We’re on our way
And we will see You in
The land of the living
We will find You in
The mystery
Your presence is 
The joy set before us
For now and all eternity
We’re getting there
We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way
And we’re getting there
Your presence is the promise
There is nothing that can stop us
We’re on our way


I am so thankful to each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog. My mind is bursting with new ideas and fabulous styling I want to do this year. Thank you for supporting my little creative outlet and encouraging me with your sweet comments and messages.
Please keep them coming! I absolutely love your feedback!!

I hope that 2015 is a marvellous year for all of you.
God Bless.
Much love,
Mama Bear


  • Mama Bear

    Thanks for your understanding and encouragement Karen. Bless you x

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Sending you hugs Anna. I relate to many of your thoughts here – and yes, changing seasons have their benefits.

  • Kirsty Nina


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