Let’s Be Pen Pals

I am very excited about sharing my Woodland Christmas table with you. Our family celebrated together in late November before our oldest three left  for missions.  Months ago I decided on this whimsical theme and began searching for moss table runners, tree slices, berries and gold deer topped mason jars..(which I could NOT find anywhere on the web or in the shops until last week!!) Not to worry, I found some christmas decorations and spray painted them gold before gluing them onto mason jars.

I particularly love the personalised tiny tree slice name tags with moss I found on Etsy. My mother spent days boiling up an incredible christmas pudding, while I made a very rough and rustic spicy gingerbread cake with caramel peanut butter frosting and ganache. The guest favours were scrumptious nougat christmas puddings that my mother brought.
My son made all the dinner which was an orange glazed baked ham, honey maple roasted vegetables and greens. There happened to be a large hay stack near our table, (awaiting use as mulch in our garden),  which served as the perfect prop for my timber pallet table.
We set up our long timber dining table outside under the tree to enjoy the summer sunshine with our family and hopefully create some special Christmas memories for our young children.
                                                                 Press Play and enjoy! x


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  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Absolutely gorgeous Anna! SO pleases to read you had this with the older children and extended family too – before the heat of summer too. I like you deer topped jars better than you Kmart finds. Your younger ones certainly seem to be enjoying the occasion too.

    Your mother’s Christmas pudding id a beauty and very large. Elise made a wonderful large boiled pudding for our Christmas – and several delicious fruit cakes etc.

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