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My baby turns four tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. I have been pretty much giving birth every two years since 1995 (21 years ago!) and as crazy as it sounds, I honestly didn’t think our sweet little girl Kitty would be our last baby. I am one of those mothers who love having babies so much that I could never imagine ever having my last.

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Don’t misunderstand me, I do not find pregnancy easy. On the contrary, I have had morning sickness (more aptly named all day and night sickness), possibly for years if I added up the long months of that wretched, relentless, all consuming bane of my life.  I gain weight with each pregnancy, as eating is the only relief I get from morning sickness, while exhaustion hits me like a freight train. No, pregnancy is tough.

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And childbirth…well…sometimes people assume that because I have had nine children I am an earth mother who delivers babies in twenty minutes on the bathroom floor with mild cramping. OH NO! Lets talk about days, not hours of labour in some cases. Let’s talk about emergency caesarians at midnight into the third day of labour (baby number 7).  Let’s talk about hitting the midwife with my gas mask while screaming at him ( yes him) to do something to help me before I plan to rip down the curtains and climb the walls out of sheer terror (baby number two). How about the planned VBAC home birth (baby number 6) where I stood in my lounge room like an amazon warrior woman with the force of the universe shooting through my body. Oh Such power! Or the planned caesarian (baby number 5) I chose to have because I was still reeling with grief a year after the loss of my newborn son and was too afraid to go into labour again.

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So yes, I have had a fair share of diverse  and challenging childbirth experiences. And I would be willing to do it all over again.

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But now my youngest is turning four and there is no sweet newborn coming after her. It’s quite a new sensation. No more nappies. My beautiful Emmaljunga pram is getting dusty and my purple Maya Wrap sling that has been  a permanent attachment to my body for years is tucked away in my drawer. However, my dear Kitty can  dress herself and insists on doing so.  She can put on her own shoes and get herself strapped into the car! Hooray!! There is definitely a plus side to all of this.

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I am planning a Vintage Kitten party for my Kitty next week. Lots of pretty pastels, pink cupcakes and old vintage fabric. I can’t wait. For now though, here is my inspiration. I love my tiny ceramic kittens and put them into party mode by making little party hats out of cupcake papers.

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Like all of our children, Kitty has been such a joy to our whole family. She is a spunky little sass pants who knows her own mind and loves to sing and dance. And while I would dearly love to give her another brother or sister, I am so blessed to have my ‘baby’ ( No mummy…I am a big girl!!) and intend to appreciate every little stage and milestone…and give her years of wonderful birthday parties!

I’m already planning her fifth birthday party…..Vintage Hello Kitty?  Inevitable!!


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