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Easter has come  and gone for another year. I had been planning this rustic Easter display in my head for months, gathering bits and pieces from all over my house like a little bower bird.  I knew I wanted it set up in front of our chicken pen and had been meticulously watching the movements of the sun in our yard to ensure I had just the right light when I whipped out my camera. As it happens, I came down with the flu over the Easter weekend, so we had a very belated Easter egg hunt with our precious kiddies and their friends. They were all very gracious and didn’t seem to mind waiting an extra week for their Easter eggs.

I loved using pieces from my  vintage collection, including some recent purchases from new Instagram friends. I wonder if they can spot them! As usual, I was running around like a mad chook (pardon the pun) trying to set everything up, put out the food, organise the Easter egg hunt and direct children, while taking photos in the rapidly diminishing sunlight. I am truly envious of those who have assistants, photographers, florists and childrens entertainers at their disposal! I was, however, blessed by the willing assistance of my sweet ten year old daughter. She proved invaluable as we prepared the sweet treats and set up together on the day.

At the end of it all, we all had a wonderful time and sat around the open fire eating our charred sausages and easter eggs, enjoying sweet conversation and the company of loved ones.

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  • Nancy Kelley

    What an absolutely charming Easter display! How lucky to be invited to enjoy all the treats you have so beautifully displayed! Well done, Anna!

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