Let’s Be Pen Pals

Good morning folks. How was your week? Thanks for your sweet feedback on Part 1 of our holiday in Sydney. So pleased a few of you had a good chuckle at our misadventures!

I really enjoyed recounting our ferry ride and was reminded afresh of the multi faceted reasons why I am here in blog land. Apart from creative expression and my undying love for cake, styling and photography, I am also hoping to create a visual memory bank for my children. I hope to share a part of myself that they may not see in the normal, everydayness of me being “Mum.” Perhaps one day when they are older they might scroll through these pages and remember our blustery ferry adventures in Sydney, spontaneous modelling sessions in a back alley of Tenterfield, or that time we set up a vintage dessert table in a burnt out forest near our home. I want to show them how refreshing it is to get out and explore, dream, take photos and create – to blow the cobwebs off daily routine and dare to imagine. 

And so back to Sydney. You may be pleased to hear that yes, we did dare to venture into the city again and yes, the sun came out and sadly no, we still didn’t make it to the art gallery. We did, however, get to the Jewish Museum. I have been wanting to take the children there for years, and we finally made it. Miracles happen. We spent about four hours immersing ourselves in the somber realities of a painful past and meeting precious jewish folk whose passion for their historical identity was contagious. One highlight was meeting Ariel, who owned the cafe and literally made the best falafels I have ever eaten. He was also good enough to share his nut biscuit recipe with me. Watch this space. 

As usual, my favourite part of the day was walking the streets with eyes wide open taking photos.

Watching people kept me fascinated. I think street photography might be my new favourite thing. 

Again, I was lagging behind the family as I paused to capture images that caught my eye, namely colourful motor scooters and bright green pub walls. 

I wouldn’t want to give you the impression I neglected my children on our city walkabout. There were plenty of photos taken of my wee lambs…well, the ones who wanted to be in my happy holiday snaps. 

Thankfully, our day was full of sunshine and smiles and the umbrellas stayed inside the backpack. And for those of you wondering, our ferry ride home was calm and uneventful. Too easy.

See you next week with more cake. xx

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