Let’s Be Pen Pals

I grab my camera and race out the door, trying not to let impatience surface as I usher the children into the chilly street. The glow of perfect afternoon light is fading fast along with any hope of taking photos in this beautiful country town before the sun sets. 

Walking the streets on dusk, the girls sidle into a brick lined alley and start playing on the metal hand rail.

Gazing around I am suddenly aware of the light. Somehow, almost miraculously, it seems to have harnessed itself into my little alley way. I could not have designed it better. Immediately springing into action, I desperately adjust my camera in a race to best capture the disappearing light.

The backdrop is perfect. Sunlight gently reflecting on the age old bricks bounces across the girls faces, highlighting their individual beauty. 

The weathered brick work is full of history in this federation town. It tells the story of times gone by and we linger long enough in the failing light to hear the walls whisper it’s secrets.

My enthusiasm rubs onto the girls and they start posing, shifting their hips, and upon instruction, giving me those sulky teenage glares. Show me some sass girls! I egg them on, all the while snapping away on my camera like a mad woman in a flurry.

All too soon, and just like that, it’s over. The sun is down, no more light, camera away and off we go to find dinner.

I literally float out of that precious alleyway. High on a potent injection of creative fulfilment, I feel alive and deeply grateful for the window of time I had to do what I love with the people I love. 

The kid’s clothes weren’t fancy and it kinda bugged me that they weren’t better dressed. (The stylist in me was cringing at the casual hoodies) Their hair was messy from driving all day. We had no grand plans to do a cool alley shoot. We were simply a family going for a walk into town for dinner in a new town on the first night of our escape over the mountain to chase my favourite season, Winter.

Shuffling home in the dark to our cosy hotel room later that night, I felt the crisp air sting my face, breathing it deep into my veins, through to my fingers and toes. It brought renewed life, energy, joy and excitement into every fibre of my being. That’s what Winter does for me. It breathes life into my soul. And for one night, it opened up the doorway to create some pretty special memories with my children.

Carpe Diem, right?


  • Rose Atwater

    Beautiful pictures Anna! Your girls are as gorgeous as their Mama!! xoxo

  • Nancy Kelley

    Your girls are so lovely and you captured some special poses! You are a talented photographer!

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