Let’s Be Pen Pals

Every now and then, our homeschooling presents us with pleasant opportunities to create spontaneous memories. Today was one of those times. While we may not have done enough maths or even got to our nature studies, we ran with the moment and chose to enjoy something just for the fun of it.
All guilt aside.

This term I am reading Johanna Spyri’s HEIDI to the girls. I confess that I actually start our school day by reading aloud, as that is my very favourite thing to do. (Why start the day with  maths!! eek!) And yes, I also confess that I also like it when we read just another chapter….
Today, we lingered over the very first meal that young Heidi enjoyed with her Uncle. We all paused…and sighed….ohhh that sounds soooo nice. 

” Then he sat down on a three legged stool and blew up the fire. It was soon blazing merrily and the little kettle began to boil. Next the old man cut a big piece of cheese, and piercing it with a long iron fork, he held it over the fire, turning it constantly to and fro until it was golden brown all over.  When Grandfather had decided that the cheese was nicely toasted and took it to the table, there was a round loaf, two plates and two knives neatly laid, for Heidi had been quick to see what was wanted and had brought everything from the cupboard.
“So you can think for yourself! That’s good!” said the grandfather and spread the toasted cheese on the bread….”

That was all we needed. Out came the wheat grinder….( Yes, back in the day when I had about three or four children, grinding my own wheat and  the daily baking of bread was quite common in our home. I was a bit of an earth mother at heart before white flour and icing  sugar took over my life!)
Out came the wheat grinder, my stash of organic wheat grain and I proceeded to give the girls a lesson on the nutritional value of real grain and how to bake your own bread! They loved it.
Next came the cheese…not quite as organic as Heidi’s uncle’s would have been, and no, I wasn’t prepared to even try to toast it until it was “….golden brown all over..” (Can you imagine the mess ?!)
We did, however, manage to crudely hack a block of cheese  and quickly shove it into the piping hot loaf, along with smotherings of pure butter….ahh..delicious.


At least tonight I can go to bed knowing that we all shared one special moment together today. The washing didn’t get hung out, the kids books are all still on the table, but at least we let literature come to life and imagined how delicious Heidi’s bread and toasted cheese would have tasted high up in the spectacular mountains of Switzerland….

There is always tomorrow for maths.


  • Mama Bear

    Thanks Karen. I needed to hear that today. x

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    The best of education!

  • Mama Bear

    So lovely to hear from you Lisa…and to hear of your family reading time. I love that!! Very inspirational. Life is still chaos for us after dinner time…but I am reading the Lord of the Rings to Jesse at night, which is so good. I hope we can gather our whole clan to read together in the future! It is such a gift.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Anna,
    I am still reading to the girls after all these years (21) but I have found I read as much to Steve as the girls. He has not had the time (or inclination) to indulge in all the books I have read, so it has been my privilege to read aloud as much for his sake as the girls. Thus we curl up after tea (on the nights there are no dance lessons or biblestudy) and I read -often till way after bed time!
    But I do remember reading in “school time” when the older girls were young. My favourite way of teaching history is to read aloud some of the many historical children’s novels such as Rosemary Sutcliff’s and Cynthia Harnett and use them as a springboard or to broaden out the period. The gift of story telling is a wonderful thing!
    God bless,
    Lisa Lick.

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