Let’s Be Pen Pals

You can tell someone has serious cupcake obsession when those scrumptious little delights  become your babies.
It’s true. I spent every spare minute in the holidays lovingly tending to my dear sweet sugar flowers, ensuring every petal was painted, every pearl in place, caressing each delicate flower like a newborn babe. (Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that my baby is two and a half and my maternal instincts may be craving that insatiable longing to hold another warm, snuggly newborn of my own…)

I digress..
These, my friends, are my babies!!
I admit I was showing some symptoms of OCD, as I fiercely guarded my precious  babies all week….from wandering little fingers of the other wee babes in my household, who were curious to see what was possessing their Mama Bear and why she was huddled over the kitchen bench so intensely with cataclysmic warnings not to touch!! Believe me, this was no small task. My goal was to produce thirty delicate sugar  babies flowers (plus spares for inevitable breakages), all in tact and ready to (reluctantly) hand over to my client by Friday. Of course, my life being what it is…well…my life, also included sick vomiting children, visitors and a multitude of needy children on holidays.
 A master juggling act.
I was delighted to make these pretty cupcakes for an engagement celebration dinner. The only instruction was pink and white. I was on a mission. I knew exactly what flowers I wanted to make. They needed to be exquisitely pretty, delicate, completely opulent and seriously gorgeous with a hint of shabby vintage…LOVE..
Sweet, sweet love.


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