Get down and boogie!!!


Here it is, the pinnacle of my very short cake decorating career!!!
This is the “Disco” cake I made for my friend’s 1970’s theme party. 
I COULD tell you how disappointed I was with it, and the trouble I had trying to work with fondant,
I think I will be a big girl and just say YES, it looked FAB and the birthday girl loved it.

The disco people really did look cool!!!
( I won’t tell you that  they were supposed to be made out of black fondant, and I even ordered a cutter all the way from England, which didn’t work!!!) 
OOOH I DO love these colours!!
This colour looks blue, but it was a rich. deep purple.
The matching cupcakes looked gorgeous, in a funky, hippy kind of way.
The cake before the dancers went on.
The round , black things on the cake are meant to be records!!
Happy 40th Birthday Suzy!!!
You are one groovy Chick…..oohhh yeah Baby!!

5 thoughts on “Get down and boogie!!!

  1. God BLESS YOU Rachael!!!
    SOOOO glad you liked my cake, and thanks a bunch for leaving such a great comment. You are a trooper!!

    Love Mamabear

  2. You ROCK you cake making disco queen!!!! An amazing cake made by an amazing woman!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow – that is seriously the BEST cake I think I have ever seen!! You are so very talented – I love looking at your blog – everytime I look at it I am sitting here saying to myself “WOW!”, “WOW!”, you are so talented Mama Bear!! Such an inspiration!! xx

  4. Well i’m continually suprised in your ability to produce 1st class cakes. Your passion and enthusiasm for cake and cake decorating constantly makes me question whether i should open another bakery, just to buy them off you.

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