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Hello my Lovelies,

Thank you for joining me here today. Oh how much I have to share with you!

Last Saturday, as most of you are aware, our beautiful eldest daughter Alice got married. Oh my beating heart! This Mama heart is absolutely full to overflowing, and then some. While I won’t bombard you with abundant raving, I can’t help but share just a teeny bit with you. 

For now though, first things first. How cute are these cupcakes and cookies? I created them for a friend’s daughter who didn’t know if she was having a boy or a girl. Keeping with a vintage theme, I used mostly earthy colours, with a hint of eucalyptus blue. Boho rainbows, cute onesies, and the most darling pram and blankie made up the cookie collection. 

Matching cupcakes decorated with dried edible flowers and the smoothest home made dulche de leche caramel gave guests the sweetest baby shower treats. 

In my previous blog post you can see how I used these same cutters to create a completely different aesthetic. I went with a brighter, more colourful retro vibe, which is more in line with my love for colour. (You can see it here ).  It’s amazing how dramatically you can change the look to suit any baby shower theme.

I get as much fun and creative fulfilment styling and photographing my baked goods as I do baking and decorating them. Always on the lookout for new ‘old’ props, I found this background on a run down farm. I spotted a very worn, dangerously rusty piece of tin that oozed rustic charm and it’s oh so perfect. Another piece of scrap metal to add to my ever growing stash. 

And now, to my daughter’s wedding. I look forward to sharing more photos as soon as I can, but for now all I can give is my heart. 

I never anticipated my daughter’s wedding feeling any different to my son’s. Of course the love is the same, but somehow watching my daughter marry the love of her life filled me with emotions I was not expecting. The separating, the leaving and cleaving, facing the stark reality that our little girl is not so little anymore and asking the obvious question, where did all those years go? How did we get from my baby Alice to this beautiful princess before me? Forever after she will be joined to another and establishing her own family. This day signified the end of one season and the beginning of the rest of her life. 

The wedding, of course, was a success. Every detail lovingly crafted by my daughter and her man. It was held in a gorgeous, rustic barn filled with blush pink and coffee coloured roses. Six bridesmaids, three junior bridesmaids and a handful of flower girls made up the bridal party. I guess that’s what happens when the bride has five sisters and heaps of friends. Weddings are certainly more elaborate than they were back in my day.

Watching the groom gaze in awe and wonder at his bride walking down the aisle was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. He was completely undone. More than a few of us lost it, including the groom and just about everyone in the first four rows, and the tears began to flow. I have never seen pure, overwhelming joy on a person’s face like I did that day. He was entirely overcome with love for his bride.

Later, when reflecting on the groom’s reaction, I was reminded of a bible verse which says:

As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will my God rejoice over you.’ (Isaiah 62:5)

The Lord speaks to me in many ways, and through the love of a young bridegroom for his sweetheart, another layer of His love for me was peeled back and revealed. Imagining Jesus responding to me in the same heartfelt, emotional way the groom responded to my daughter touched me deeply. Weddings truely are sacred and speak of more than human love. 

And so my daughter is married. She is currently honeymooning in France. Yes, France. Sigh.  A bit of a step up from the Gold Coast where we went nearly thirty years ago! Her new husband speaks fluent French and has spent a lot of time travelling the globe, so I know she is in safe hands. I look forward to sharing the wedding pics with you and having a proper rave about my adorable new son-in-love. He truly is remarkable and we are so excited to officially welcome him into our family. 

To finish, I will show you a sneaky peak photo that was taken by the groom’s brother (Alpha Imagery ) just so you can see the wedded bliss for yourself.

It certainly was a fairy tale, and I have no doubt that they will live happily ever after.

Until next week,

Love Anna xx


  • The wedding looked wonderful, and Anna! Those cookies are Works of ART! I’m blown away by the details!

    • A
      Anna Hogbin

      Thank you so much. They were certainly made with love. I’m so glad you like them too. xx

  • Beautiful ? Delighted for your joy ?love Spinny

    • A
      Anna Hogbin

      Thanks Spinny. Oh the joy! Feeling very blessed. xx

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