Let’s Be Pen Pals

Oh my heart. Helllooo!

I hardly know where to begin. 2022 has proved to be a wild ride thus far on so many levels.

Personally, it has been a challenge settling dear treasures into new and old schools, juggling visitors and reoccurring sickness with the usual demands of a busy household and meeting everyone’s growing needs.

 And then came the floods. 

I bet I am not the only one who was walking around in a daze after our community was hit not once but twice with devastating floods. While we were not directly impacted beyond empty supermarket shelves, internet issues and no petrol, our whole community felt overwhelmed, shocked and in disbelief. Driving through Lismore, even now, breaks your heart. To be honest, I am not sure if recovery for the town is possible. Time will tell.

On the home front I have been creating beauty behind the scenes and chipping away at a few inspiring projects. I have certainly missed blogging and am oh so relieved to be back. I hope you will all join me, with an albeit very late kickstart to 2022, as I share some amazing things I have been doing, very exciting family news and ideas for future cupcake flavours.

You may have noticed on my instagram stories that I have been delving into the highly addictive world of decorating sugar cookies. Cupcakes will always be my first baking love, but I am really enjoying expanding my skills and creating a world of beauty in cookies. I have had the opportunity to create some cute baby shower cookies this year and loved experimenting with a retro colour palette, based on some of my favourite genuine 70’s tablecloths and wallpaper. Is there ever a better colour combo than orange, yellow and brown?!

Another highlight of the year so far has been collaborating with lovely Mandy from White Cottage Flower Farm in Tenterfield, one of my all time favourite towns. She owns a vintage flower and antique shop, filled with the most perfect old wares from all over the world. She even has two large scale French apartment models that were used in the real Moulin Rouge movie!I mean, seriously, who owns stuff like that?! Well, Mandy does. And when I boldly declared to her on a previous visit that one day I am going to publish a book and asked if I can get photos of my cakes and cupcakes in her cute cottage, she was delighted, suggesting we do a fun practice shoot. Needless to say, she didn’t need to ask twice. 

We had the best day photographing my cake and cupcakes using her stunning antiques, until the cake melted,  flowers fell off and we had no choice but to have a cup of tea and hoof into the broken cake pretty much with our bare hands. Pure animal instinct.

Later in the year, I will be joining a group of precious young mamas who organise a ‘Mum Hub Collective’ market in Lennox Head. Their goal is to reach out to mums suffering from post natal depression by providing a safe place to come and wander around looking at beautiful, mostly hand made, treasures for mums and bubs.  All proceeds of the gold coin donation also go towards this worthy cause.

I am beside myself with excitement because I will finally get to fill my ultra cool 1960’s Danish glove counter with fancy  boutique cupcakes! Can I hear a hearty hoorah please?! I am also going to make as many cute cookies as I can, with gift boxes and individual cookies available. 

If you want to come and grab some Mama Bear sweetness and give me a hug ( I looove hugs), the market will be held in the

Lennox Head Cultural Centre on Sunday 14th August. 

(For more info, look up @little_marquetta or @mumhubcollective on Instagram)

ok, now for the biggest news of 2022 by far. 

Our beautiful, wonderful amazing eldest daughter Alice is getting married!! Woo HOO! Like next weekend actually! I say again, Oh my beating heart. I will resist the urge to positively rave about how awesome my first ever number one Son – in – love is, but suffice it to say, if I hand to hand design a husband for this incredible daughter, he would pretty much be the one. The joy it brings to see your dear ones so happily settled is rich indeed. We couldn’t be happier. This is my first time as mother of the bride, so I’m a little nervous. Fortunately, I have my authentic gold glomesh bag, shiny hot pink sandals and the most fabulous boho gown to wear to get me into the groove! Stay tuned for all the post wedding goss in a few weeks.

It really is so lovely to be back. Every mama needs to keep her voice and I really miss sharing mine when life gets too crazy for me to blog. 

I have lots of great photos to share with you and after the wedding  I’ll be back in the kitchen baking up a cupcake storm. My latest flavour obsession is strawberry milkshake cupcakes, made with delicious pink Nesquik  powder, for a sentimental trip back to our childhoods. I’m also slightly obsessing over sticky date muffins at the moment, with sneaky dulche de Leche swirls on top. 

For now, thank you for staying with me and reading my blog. I am looking forward to sharing heart and home each week and hope you feel inspired and refreshed after our time together. 

No post next week as I will be way too busy helping my precious daughter get ready to marry the love of her life. Sigh.

Take care,

Love Anna xx



  • ❤️❤️❤️????????? love Spinny

  • Next WEEK! How marvellous Anna! So good to read your blog with tea to start my (soggy) Saturday ?
    Welcome back!

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