Sweet child of mine.

Our darling baby turned one this week.
The dearest, loveliest little treasure.


What a privilege to be entrusted with another precious life.
Happy Birthday sweet Kitty.
We love you.

7 thoughts on “Sweet child of mine.

  1. What a beautiful, precious little gift – Happy Birthday Kitty! She is soooo cute and gorgeous!
    A beautiful cake too!

  2. HAppy Birthday dear little Kitty! ^_^ She has 4 teeth! 😀 Yikes! She’s growing up too fast! :O
    I LOVE the photos! All so good-looking! The cake looks AMAZING Mrs. Hoggie! What sort was it??

  3. Oh yes, she is the dearest, lovliest and sweetest little creature…reading this post has made me want to pick her up and hug her yet again!
    Happy birthday, you awesome one year old Kitty! 🙂

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