Let’s Be Pen Pals

 Here are some beautiful flowers I created lately, in celebration of the arrival of Spring…..
Enjoy browsing through them. 


My hot pink Chrysanthemums.
Not really sure what these are, but some type of rosette!!!
I made these for Church last Sunday. 
The smaller ones were for the kiddies.

My lovely roses. I think these might come close to being my favourites.
Once again, thank you for stopping by at Mama Bear’s Kitchen. 
I am loving all of your comments and having a place to share my cupcake creations!


  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Mama Bear, you have the patience of….a quilter!


  • Mama Bear

    Pieces of Sunshine- These are really easy. Its all in having the right tip. They are lots of little strokes.

    Much Love,


  • Pieces of Sunshine

    you chrysanthemums look amazing. Is there a quick way to make these are are they made from dozens of little strokes?


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