Let’s Be Pen Pals

The time has come to bid good christmas cheer to all.

It has been a tad tricky trying to keep up with my blog this month. Our big children are now away at Boot Camp, in preparation for their mission trips and we are settling into life with five little girls at home. We have enjoyed a few nights away up the coast and will head back up there this week to attend the Commissioning service before our children fly out. It will be a long drive home on Christmas eve, and an early start with our Christmas church service near a beautiful local lake . We then head to the cemetery to spend time with our Heavenly son, Noah, before finishing the day with a late Christmas lunch with dear friends.
I love Christmas. I love all of the baking and decorating, eating and special treats. I love spending unhurried time with family and friends. I love remembering my Jesus, whose love is immeasurable. I love wrapping presents and watching the sheer joy on my children’s faces as they unwrap them.
I love sending Christmas cards and taking the time to write letters to family and friends.

And I REALLY love making christmas cupcakes. These spicy ginger cupcakes have an unusual flavour combination, which totally hits the spot. The peanut butter and honey frosting blends beautifully with the cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cardamon. Topped with a ginger sugar cookie, these are perfect for keeping in the christmas spirit.
If anyone is interested in the recipe, I’d love to write it up after Christmas.
Just let me know.

For now, I wish you all the merriest Christmas for 2014. From our home to yours, may you know the peace and hope that comes from trusting in the salvation of God’s son. Enjoy this special day with your loved ones, and give those kids lots of hugs.

Mama Bear


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  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    I hope your day went especially well yesterday. We only have one who is really still young enough to be very toy oriented – how things change as the years go by.

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