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When one of my friends announced her 4th pregnancy, it took me about three seconds to decide the theme of her baby shower. Her kitchen has bright orange cupboards which are reminiscent of my Nanna’s incredibly cool laminex. She adores this often ignored, yet fabulous colour, and so do I.  Sadly, bright orange appears to be  completely underestimated in the current party scene. It is such a gloriously intense colour which adds the most startling wow factor to any dessert table.  As I wanted my orange to make a real POP in this party, I teamed it up with perhaps an unlikely partner…rustic timber and woody, earthy textures. I was determined to keep everything else neutral, so that my lovely orange could take centre stage. It’s effect was nothing short of spectacular! 

My inspiration piece was an old set of vintage scales that had been painted bright orange and yellow. I instantly fell in love with them and knew they would provide a starting point for my “Rustic Pop’ baby shower. 

I was so determined to let the orange shine that I even downplayed the cake, keeping it rustic, small and simple.  My 12 year old daughter made the ginger spice cookies, dark chocolate covered Oreos  and helped make the Tim Tam pops.  I made the  mandarin and white chocolate cupcakes. 

As a special baby gift, my 10 year old daughter crocheted the most adorable decorative baby bib in the mother’s favourite colours with the beginning letter of bub’s name. The paper fans and pom poms gave  my dessert table the pop of colour I needed, and  a bright orange fabric garland tied  the theme together. One of my favourite elements was  the “Oh Baby” marquee lights. I find them so versatile as I change the template to suit different party themes. I use spray adhesive to stick fabric onto each template to match my colour scheme.  

I hope you enjoy looking through my Rustic Pop baby shower as much as I enjoyed creating it! xx

rusticpop10 rusticpop6 rusticpop4
rusticpop3 rusticpop9 rusticpop13 rusticpop14 rusticpop16 rusticpop18 rusticpop19 rusticpop22 rusticpop23 rusticpop25 rusticpop27 rusticpop28 rusticpop31 rusticpop32 rusticpop35 rusticpop38 rusticpop39 rusticpop44 rusticpop45 rusticpop46 rusticpop48 rusticpop49 rusticpop50 rusticpop51 rusticpop52 rusticpop53 rusticpop60
rusticpop61 rusticpop62


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