Let’s Be Pen Pals

It is my absolute pleasure to share with you our family Christmas dinner. I enjoyed all of the preparation immensely and honestly found it all so simple to create the look I was after. I chose rustic red and white for my colour theme, bringing in different textures and fabrics as well as combining vibrant red and whites with more earthy natural tones.
 I loved using brown paper and string with bells and wooden christmas decorations to wrap the presents and display them throughout the table.

 I made a hanging garland from scrap fabric, hessian, string, calico, ribbon, gorgeous wool and bells!
Perhaps my favourite part of the display was the gingerbread man garland on the wooden crates. These little fellows looked gorgeous.
I also loved the vanilla malt milk in the bottles topped with candy canes. Throughout the afternoon, the canes dissolved into the milk giving it a delicious minty flavour!
Our kitchen was all in a flurry of chocolate, nuts, coconut and icing sugar as the children helped me make mountains of raspberry coconut ice, white and dark rocky road, gingerbread men and chunky christmas cookies. The lolly jars were filled with white jelly beans, plump strawberries and red liquorice. The cupcakes were mango and white chocolate with  white chocolate cream cheese frosting, 
finished with beautiful vintage toppers.










  • This styled shoot is sheer brilliance! If you have anythign you would like to share in the Feb Issue of Party Style MAgazine or http://www.ilovepartystyle.com I would love to share your work

  • Mama Bear

    I LOVE your rainbow cake you did for caleb

  • Elizabeth

    Mrs Hogbin you are so clever! Everything looks exquisite. 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  • Mama Bear,
    I am so grateful to be able to SEE your amazing Christmas. Absolutely stunning!! xxxx

  • Oh my goodness!! I love this so much! The colours and textures you chose all look amazing and the food looks so mouth watering too.

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