Let’s Be Pen Pals

We grow lemons at our place. Lots of lemons. Our little orchard is full to the brim this time of the year. The colours are magnificent. There has been a large bowl of lemons staring at me for about two weeks now. More like glaring at me actually. Every time I walk past them my eyes are diverted and I marvel at their simple beauty.

I have a love affair with  colour and these little bursts of sunshine have been begging me for days to take photos of them!! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do anything extraordinary with the lemons except juice them for our breakfast, even though their potential in the kitchen is unparalleled. I could be making lemon meringue pie, lemon slice, lemon curd, lemon meringue cupcakes, lemon butter…….the list is endless. But no, all I could so this week was whip up a very quick batch of humble meringues, gather my darling little lemons, make some herbal tea, dig out my gorgeous ‘new’ second hand vintage fabric and my camera and start snapping!! I hope you enjoy my whirlwind attempt bring these citrus miracles to life. I have my eye on the mandarins and oranges next…….


  • Emma Ventura

    Lemons are such refreshing delicious fruits! 😀 Loving it! ^_^

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Delicious to the eyes!
    Our one young neon tree have fruited well for the first time this year. Miss G made yummy lemon meringue pie a couple of days ago.

  • Deanne Langford

    we have a tree full of bush lemons, they don’t look as pretty as yours, but they do make some lovely things- I really need to get onto some lemon butter!

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