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Hello dear ones, I’m so glad you are here. Thanks for popping over. I want to tell you  a story. A story about a new chapter in the book of my life, and oh the pages smell sweet. 

There are few things I hold closer to my heart than bringing new life into the world, or encouraging other dear mothers in any aspect of the birthing process.  From the pregnancy itself, with all of it’s marvel, wonder and challenges…through to the pinnacle of labouring to birth a precious babe into your arms, heart, family and world…there is truly nothing on earth like it. The greatest moments of my life have been holding my slippery new babes in my arms for the first time. 

In July this year, a new baby entered into our family, but she didn’t come from my womb. I watched the belly grow, felt baby wriggle and squirm in the secret place, but only from the outside, as an onlooker.  I was part of the discussion of baby names, but it wasn’t mine to choose. I didn’t feel the nausea or the tide of hormones washing wildly over fragile emotions.  It wasn’t my body that expanded and groaned with discomfort towards the end, feeling pressure on muscles I didn’t know existed. This time it was not my mind that had to comprehend an impending labour with all of it’s challenges, excitement, apprehensions and longings. 

I laboured in the room, not as the birthing mother this time, but still a mother. Watching my son, confident, assured and focussed. Attentive to the rhythm that would become the gateway of birthing his very own family. My beautiful new daughter working hard to become a mother. My hands gently on her back, covering her with my love and the strength of many years of birthing. Whispering, rocking, breathing, tending to her needs in silence and guarding her freedom to do this important work unhindered.

In the fullness of time she came. Deep into the night, quietly, calmly, surrounded by peace, engulfed in love. No fear. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I have never seen a birth like it….none of my nine even came close. 

I am so proud of my beautiful, amazing daughter in love and my precious son. Together they laboured as one to become three, deepening their love and experiencing that indescribable joy of meeting their own tiny little human for the first time. There are no words.

I cannot adequately express what it was like to be included in such an intimate, raw experience with my son and his wife. I was very humbled and blessed…so honoured to help them through this part of their journey, having the opportunity to express my deep love for them in such a practical way.

It was unusual for me to be in the birthing room as a support person instead of the one running the marathon endurance race of labour. It was a gift of healing for me to experience a calm birth without the trauma that so often accompanied my own birthing journey. To see labour as a positive, enriching and natural experience was truly life giving in it’s fullest measure.  While I have assisted in births before, this one was especially close to my heart and can I say it was so wonderfully refreshing  just to be there, with the freedom and head space to marvel anew at the absolute miracle of the whole process. 

As I held sweet Miriam Joy for the first time, I became profoundly aware, that while I was not the new mother this time, I still have an important role to play in her life as a matriarch over our entire family. Always there to love, watch over, protect, pray for, delight in, cherish and champion as her devoted MA. Together with her Papa, all of her six aunties and one privileged uncle, this precious baby girl has an instant cheer squad of doting fans ready to spend a lifetime surrounding her with the fierce love that makes up family.

My son, the baton is yours now. Take it and run. It will be by far the best race of your life. I love you and yours, always. xx

Next week I will share Part 2 of this sweet baby shower, where I will give you more photos, all of the delicious details and talk party! xx

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  • Nancy Kelley

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! It is such an amazing new chapter in your life. Warmest wishes to your family and welcome to the world, little Miriam Joy!

  • Kathie Tanttari

    I love this story Anna ….. so beautifully written as always. You’re one of my favourites xxxx

    • A
      Mama Bear

      Thanks Babe. You were right when you said my heart will explode!! You are one of my faves too. xx

  • This is just beautiful ❤️

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