Let’s Be Pen Pals

I had the immense pleasure of planning and hosting a baby shower for a friend of mine who is expecting her third baby. She loves bright colours, particularly yellow and orange. I decided to go with a yellow vintage theme…not too soft and pale, not too bright and cheesy….a beautiful mix of yellow ginghams, checks, brown spots and a few little duckies. 

The food labels and tags were  made by Luna Graphics.
I set the display up on the front verandah of our home, which just happened to be yellow…providing a suitable backdrop. I hunted through my stash of old things ad found our old phone that we used to use back in the 80’s. I had to laugh as my young daughter was telling  her little sister what it was….they were quite confused until the little one, with an air of revelation blurted out…ooohhhh, it’s a mobile phone!!
I found an old white picket fence under the house which became the perfect backdrop for my fabric bunting. I tied an handmade paper bunting with ‘gifts’ onto an old suitcase I found at an op shop, for guests to place their presents in. My daughter cleverly made a beautiful chocolate cake with a bright yellow chicky in the middle.  She also made the macarons. A white chocolate mud cake, cupcakes, fruit and veggie sticks and meringue bites complemented a yellow candy buffet which the guests enjoyed. 
Everything came together quite easily and this baby shower had a strong vintage element to it which delighted the young mum and our guests. 








Congratulations to the beautiful mama Haley. 






  • Drooling over the whole thing – including the boxes and vintage pictures! The colour is happiness 🙂 xxxx

  • Mama Bear

    Thank you Haley. It was an honour to create this baby shower for you. I am thrilled that you loved it.X

  • Haley Watson

    I feel so blessed to have been the recipient of such an amazing baby shower! All of my family & friends were so blown away at your creativity & talent Mama Bear! You did such a beautiful job!!

  • Emma Ventura

    This is AMAZING!!! If I ever had a babyshower, I would have it EXACTLY the same in every little detail!!! ^_^ You did a FANTASTIC job!! 😀

  • You did it!! Gorgeous! Love the suitcase for the gifts 🙂

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