Let’s Be Pen Pals

Last week our family hosted a vintage tea party to raise funds for our  two oldest children’s  overseas mission trips  to India and Samoa  later this year. 

It was SO much fun planning the decor and menu.
( Not to mention baking and decorating 150 cupcakes!! Awesome!!)
We hired a local hall that had beautiful country views and an enormous deck.
I loved (seriously LOVED!!)  gathering  together all of my old vintage bits and pieces and hunting out new ones.
 I sewed my old doilies into buntings, dusted off every tea cup I own and went wild with ribbons and lace!
 I was  fortunate enough to borrow an old hand made wedding dress from 1952 and another GORGEOUS 1950’s dress.
To REALLY appreciate these photos, you simply have to listen to my new favourite retro diva, Dionne Warwick, whose music played in the background throughout the day.
Please press PLAY, get comfortable and and have a little groove while you look at the photos!!



Our daughter had a stall selling her beautiful quilts, baby bonnets, bibs and other fabric creations,
as seen on Alice’s Place.
A friend also generously gave her time to sell her own range of beautiful skin care products.
 Check out her range at




With a cup of tea in your hand, anything is possible!!
The day was a smashing success with many people coming to sample our wares and enjoy a delicious cupcake with their tea.
We raised a generous amount of money for the kids and enjoyed doing something significant together as a family.
While the enormous amount of preparation and clean up was quite exhausting,
 the opportunity to reach out to our local community and bless others was well worth the effort.




  • This looks so, so good…I can’t believe I missed out on this! 🙁

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Thanks for your comment on Sunlit Treasure, I thought you would like it.

    Love the last photo above – those shoes of yours are amazing too.

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    It looks like it was a great success! Beautifully done.

  • Well done! You are an amazing woman!

  • rosy mama

    wow – I am so proud to know your family. Inspirational. That’s what you are. What a team!! Beautiful photos of a memorable day. Jumping for joy knowing how this would have delighted your heart my friend. with blessings! from Barb

  • Deanne Langford

    It looks absolutely divine! That hall veranda is so amazing!
    Well done to you and your family!

  • It looked sooo awesome!!
    I wish I was there.

  • Kirsty Nina

    Hey Anna, I have SO been looking forward to seeing photos from your day. I’m glad you had a lovely day. It looks AMAZING!!! wish we could have been there. XOXO

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