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Hello dear ones. Happy Spring!! What better way to celebrate the arrival of this floral season than sharing my vintage cactus party with you. This was actually my daughter’s tenth birthday party late last year. After much deliberation, and yes I confess, perhaps even a persuasive word from Mama bear, we decided upon a cactus theme. I wanted to keep the colours bright and fresh, using crisp apple green and lolly pink, with white accents.

If you are ever looking for a fun party theme, then it’s pretty hard to beat this one. Even for an amateur baker, there are so many easy cactus inspired treats you can make. For Daisy’s party I made cute cactus shaped sugar cookies with a simple buttercream frosting, Tim Tam pops with sugar flowers and sprinkles, chocolate coated peanut butter crackers and round succulent cookies. For the more adventurous, why not try your hand at succulent cupcakes. 

Keeping with my first love of vintage, I used props from my collection to add interest to the dessert table and create a unique, slightly rustic display. I also raided my kitchen for old baking trays and dishes, enamel bowls and milk glass to hold the treats. Cement bricks were used as risers with potted succulents poking through to give the effect of an urban garden.

One of my favourite party elements was the DIY food tags. I found cute cactus candles in the supermarket (oddly!) and painted the bases pink before adding tags made from cardboard and scrapbooking paper. I curled floral wire around glue sticks, poking them into the candles to hold the tags. Easy peasy.

For the savoury food I made ‘succulent’ salad rolls tied with colourful fabric scraps. I put them all into a rustic metal tool box to keep in with the theme. Cactus fabric lined the box, which also matched the garland feature along the front of the dessert table.

The drink station was kept simple with two large decanters on a green chenille bedspread turned tablecloth.  I decorated milk glass bottles with paper tags, fabric and wool. 

The birthday cake added a touch of femininity to the table, with a sweet crown of pink roses on top of an ombre buttercream cake.

For my children’s parties I try not to over schedule too many structured activities, preferring to let the kids enjoy old fashioned play together. For Daisy’s party I set up a craft station for the kids to make their own cactus plants out of painted stones. 

As a special thank you gift I gave each guest a cactus note pad which was only $2:00 from Kmart. Bargain. Oh, and a cool pair of pink sunnies. 

This really was such a terrific party. All the elements came together so easily and everyone enjoyed celebrating our dear girl on her tenth birthday. I know I say it all the time, but this party is pretty close to one of my favourites. I adored the colour scheme, the desserts, craft activity and the overall theme of the party. None of the decorative pieces were expensive. The leafy backdrop  came from Aldi, the gold balloon letters were very cheap from the two dollar shop, as were the pink fake flowers I dotted along the backdrop.

Thank you for taking the time to look through all of my party photos. I do apologise for the lengthy scroll, but I couldn’t help but show you all of the sweet details. It was such a delight putting this party together to give my girls more fun memories of a creative childhood.

See you all next week. xx

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Photography // Sarah Rickard Photography

Calico Cactus party bags // Adelles – The Party Bag Lady

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  • Nancy Kelley

    What a lucky birthday girl to have such a delightful and lovely party! You really outdid yourself with every detail planned to incorporate the cactus theme. Such a fun and festive gathering!

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