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The main dessert table for our son’s Vintage barefoot wedding was the centrepiece of the whole reception. I used three old doors as the backdrop, with doily bunting draped across them. I used my vintage yellow fabric to make panels for the glass door in the middle, which tied in with the Sweets table, bringing cohesion to the theme. I also used a gorgeous yellow chenille bedspread as the tablecloth. White wooden letters saying SWEET AS brought a touch of fun to the display.

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The menu consisted of white chocolate or peanut butter Tim Tam Pops, lemon meringue shots in pretty vintage glasses, vanilla cupcakes, Nutella cheesecake mousse pots, chocolate covered Oreo biscuits and a rustic chunky monkey peanut butter and banana chocolate cake.

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For months before the wedding I collected vintage glass salt and pepper shakers which I used as food card holders by wrapping wire around the tops of each.

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Vintage side plates sitting on top of an enormous wooden spool were available for guests as they enjoyed their selection of desserts.

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Photography: Josie Richardson Photography



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