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Hello friends,

I hope you have all had a great week. Is anyone else looooving the cooler change in the weather? FINALLY!! Let’s hope it settles in and gives me a good reason to get out some winter clothes. Walking around in the cool, crisp air really makes me feel alive. My energy is always revitalised with the absence of sweating (ugh) and the life sucking lethargy of summer. Yep, I’m a winter girl through and through. But that’s just me. I realise most of you humans prefer stinking rotten heat. (I’ve got my eyezzz on you Suzy!! )

Speaking of feeling alive, at the beginning of the year I paid a little visit to my lovely doctor to talk about the big M and she gave me some great advice. When dealing with a dramatic life change like menopause, it’s imperative to pave a pathway for yourself through it. You must incorporate self care into your life. Especially as mothers, I think it is easy for us to continue to put everyone else’s needs first and risk running ourselves into the ground, eventually having nothing healthy to offer our loved ones.

My doctor’s words were a wake up call to me. To survive menopause I would need to make some changes. I need to carve out time and be intentional about doing whatever I need to do to fill up my tank. This looks different for everyone, but for me, fueling my creativity and having an outlet for the billion ideas that continually swirl around in my overactive imagination is my number one tank filler. No matter how small the project, or how limited my free time is, I am choosing to walk forward and give myself permission to create. This decision has been quite liberating.

While I have those big dreams like writing a book, selling  faaaabulous cupcakes from my divine 1960’s Danish glove counter that is waiting ohh so patiently for the right time, for now I am roping in those starbursts (or more accurately, flinging them heavenward towards Jesus for safe keeping), and looking around to see what is in my hands now. 

Hello blog!

In this season with so many bodies still in the house, my time and attention is still pretty much taken up with caring for my family, but what I can do, is bake and photograph cupcakes each week and write letters to all my friends here in my happy place. For that, I have all I need at my fingertips. By turning up each week and practicing baking, photography, styling and storytelling, my skills are developing and I begin to flourish in my divine God given design. This is who I am created to be.  As I give those interests, ideas, passions and desires room to breathe, I am coming more fully into alignment with my unique purpose and destiny.

I heard a quote the other day, which jumped straight into my heart.

“Dreams are God’s way of showing us His plans”  

The things that we are naturally passionate about, that burn deep inside us and make our heart skip a beat are there for a reason. We need to pay attention to what it is that fuels our soul and makes us want to burst. (Unless of course you are one of those unexcitable, steady people who never burst, kinda like the lovely man I am married to. If that’s the case, then sorry, I have no idea how your brains works.)

As we stop and notice the things that make us feel fully alive, we are aligning ourselves with our own individual, personally crafted, God given design. These are clues which often hold the keys to our identity and purpose. As we embrace that uniqueness, instead of pushing it aside or even feeling ashamed of those aspects of our character, we are able to move forward with more confidence into who God created us to be.  

I mentioned last week that I was hoping to write a post about our heavenly son Noah. As you can imagine, it was a tough week remembering his birthday and I wasn’t quite up to diving into the open wound. Sometimes distraction and tender self care are the best methods to ride out the pain. However, as baking and photography fill up my creative tank, I made the cutest memorial cupcakes and did a sweet little photo shoot that I will post next week. You may have had a sneak peak of these on my social media. They were just sooo pretty! I can’t wait to show you. 

So, thanks again for joining me today. I cannot tell you how loved up I feel with all of your kind comments and virtual head nods in agreement with my last post about the dilemmas of the school run. Phew! It looks like I’m not the only mama out there dealing with shoe and sock trauma. As one dear reader commented…’motherhood sure isn’t boring’. I would like to add to that statement…life isn’t boring. It’s a tremendous gift and we all have a part to play in making it fabulous! So, find out what makes your heart soar, what makes you beautifully unique, embrace it and start walking towards it. You never know where those wings will take you.

See you next week.

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Lots of love,

Anna xx


  • Great work and words Anna, being kind to yourself and having time to do you I’ve found to be right for me too, with a partner, seven children their partners and 6 grandchildren I was forgetting about myself to the point I didn’t know which way was up or down.

    • A
      Anna Hogbin

      Hey! Thank you so much for your comment. Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey too. I can really relate to your situation. It’s a balancing act but yes, so critical that we care for ourselves too. Take care, Anna xx

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