Let’s Be Pen Pals

Our firstborn son left home last week.

He is almost 19 and was oh so ready to fly the coop. 
We are so incredibly proud of him and really excited about all that the future has in store for him. 
We are pleased with his choice of study and the situation he is going into. 
Our son is a shining star who brightens the lives of those around him. He will love these next two years surrounded by dynamic and passionate young people. He will thrive in his new environment and meet all of the challenges that come his way with gusto!
It’s all good.

I was fine about him leaving. Really. 
Of course you know it’s coming and I had been mentally psyching myself for this inevitable part of life for years really. What else can you do? 
It’s going to come sooner or later!
I wasn’t emotional or secretly lamenting the loss of our dearest first child.
 I wasn’t stuck in some kind of overly sentimental reverie of  ‘the end of an era’. 
I was really and truly happy for our son and was becoming more and more determined that this departure wouldn’t really affect me THAT much.
‘Just stay logical. Think like a bloke’ I’d say!
I was very proud of myself.
…But then it got me. Right when I least expected it.
I was making cupcakes of all things! Cupcakes for our son’s little farewell gathering. They weren’t anything special. He isn’t that fussed on them actually. ( I KNOW!!!)
I used up  a few spare flowers and dug out some old Woody and Buzz wrappers. I made him a fabulous Toy Story cake for his 18th last year…so these seemed to fit. No fuss. No bother.
 Teenagers don’t really care what cupcakes look like…
Anyway, I was in the middle of making these cupcakes when my 8 year old daughter comes over to watch and pipes up with 
“Is Caleb leaving home forever? Isn’t he going away for two years then coming back home??”
“Well….no, he’s not.”
The little face fell, and so did my heart. 
Right then. 
That was the moment it hit me. 
Right in the middle of Woody and Buzz..
What can you do? 
I really am so happy for our son. 
Our quiver at home is full. This is our very first arrow off. The bow is tight, pulled back and ready to shoot that arrow far into a wonderful future. 
It’s your time to fly now son. 
Go far, stay strong and never forget my birthday!!!!!
We love you and are always cheering you on.
Now and always.



  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    We had both our older two leave within a week of each other last month. Off and away on wonderful study adventures and life in general. Like you, 99.9% of the time I’m just so excited for them, it all feels so right.

  • I imagine it has been quite a transition for you and your family Anna, particularly being your firstborn.

    We’ve experienced a similar transition (albeit temporarily) with our firstborn having moved abroad for 12 months. It has been quite an adjustment!

    “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever…”

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