Let’s Be Pen Pals


This was such a special afternoon. I gathered together a group of ladies, many of them mothers with young children,  with the aim of creating a relaxing and indulgent tea party where they would sit and enjoy being served.  As women, we are so often the ones who tirelessly meet the needs of others, so I wanted to give these special ladies an afternoon off, where they could finish their conversations, have fresh tea poured for them, leave their diets at the door and indulge in decadent sweets and treats.

A shabby chic theme was chosen, with a slightly vintage twist. Blush pink, mint  green and white was the colour scheme, with accents of  blue. Two vintage doors with doily buntings provided the backdrop and a soft pink chiffon table skirt added a feminine touch to the display.

The sweets menu included White chocolate and passionfruit cupcakes, French breakfast tea cupcakes, White chocolate covered Oreo biscuits, Vanilla bean sugar cookies, Raspberry melting moments, White chocolate Tim Tam pops and a small lolly buffet. Savouries were served at the tables on fine bone china plates.

As my goal was to make each lady feel special and loved, I decided to make personalised name cookies to put inside each tea cup as place settings. Each guest also had a fragrant soap favour wrapped with  shabby fabric scraps.

The entire afternoon was so relaxing and gave me  great joy as I buzzed around pouring tea and ensuring everyone had enough to eat and drink. It was such a success and brought refreshment to  all of my guests, who truly felt loved and spoilt.  A definite win win!



church tea 54 

church tea 61 

church tea 62 

church tea3 

church tea9   

church tea 52

church tea 25

church tea17 

church tea20 

church tea1

church tea21 

church tea22 

church tea27 

church tea29 

church tea31 

church tea32 

churchtea 49


church tea34 

church tea35 

church tea39  

church tea43 

church tea46 

church tea47 

church tea48 

church tea50  

church tea52 

church tea54  

church tea 53 

church 42

church tea57 

church tea59 

church tea60 

church tea64  

church 70  

This post is dedicated to Shirley Parr, a beautiful woman who unexpectedly went to be with the Lord just 11 days after joining our tea party. She told me that this was one of the best afternoons she had ever had and sent me a beautiful card of appreciation in the following week. I am so glad that I was able to love on these special ladies. Shirley was able to enjoy a lovely afternoon with two of her daughters in law, who I am sure will treasure those sweet memories for a long time.


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