Let’s Be Pen Pals

This week we had some  wonderful old friends visit from the Blue Mountains.
We had not seen each other for years.
Such an occasion required some very extraordinary cupcakes!
Orange and poppy seed with orange cream cheese frosting.
Absolutely delicious!

What a fantastic day we had together!


  • Rose @ RoseBakes.com

    Amazing and beautiful!! How did you make the poppies? They’re gorgeous!!

  • Kirsty Nina

    It was an awesome day. Wish it could happen more often. Cupcakes were made with such love. XOXO

  • STUNNING!!!!!! Is that Americolour red? SO gorgeously bright!!!!!! How???? LOVE THESE!!!!

  • Emily Grace

    Oh! they are sooo beautiful! 🙂 Those muffin cases are cool too! But it is what is on top that is absolutly stunning! 🙂

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