Let’s Be Pen Pals

Last weekend we headed to the city for our darling granddaughter’s 1st birthday. Oh my heart, she is such a joy. Miss Miriam is one special little girl with five doting aunties meeting her every whim. It’s delightful watching bubby interact more with them now that she is getting older. You can read my thoughts on becoming a grandmother for the first time and check out the woodland baby shower I created here.

It was my son who first gave me a piece of this raw fudge while we were enjoying a cup of tea later in the afternoon. I was impressed by how tasty it was and knew I would make it as soon as I got home. For a sweet tooth like me, this fudge really hits the spot when craving a healthy snack. Sweetened only by dates and maple syrup, you would never know there is no sugar, butter, eggs or flour. Absolutely deeelish.

The recipe comes from Minimalist Baker. Perhaps what I love most about this chocolately fudge is it’s simplicity. Often healthy recipes can be so complicated and full of ingredients you’ve never heard of that they can be too daunting to make. Apart from cacao butter, which is readily available from any health food store (and can be omitted if you can’t find it), all other ingredients are found in the the supermarket. You only need a saucepan to melt the cacao butter and a food processor to mix it all together. Couldn’t be easier. 

One thing I will note however, is the first step in making the fudge is to process desiccated coconut until it becomes a liquidy paste. The Minimalist Baker says this takes around four minutes. After fifteen minutes I still had (very fine) powdery coconut, no sign of a paste, so I used my coconut as it was and it worked out fine. I will make this recipe again and see if I have better luck with the coconut, but if this happens to you, don’t panic, it will still look and taste delicious. It will just have more of a slice texture than fudge, with the coconut more visible.

Oh, and I doubled the recipe. As I have a million people living in my house, I automatically double most recipes, which worked out well as it fit perfectly into a slice tin. 

To put a bit of Mama Bear spin on my fudge, I sprinkled the top with freeze dried strawberries and crushed edible roses. Gotta have some pretty pink.


[yumprint-recipe id=’21’] 

This fudge is honestly so delicious that you would never suspect it is super good for you. Make sure you give it a try and let me know what you think. I have my eye on the Chocolate Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge next, so hopefully I will make it this weekend. 

Now excuse me while I go and find my sweet granddaughter who is visiting for a few days. Too much love. xx


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