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I made these sweet shabby invitations for our church Mother’s Day  tea party which was to be held on our back deck last weekend. The last time we planned a large gathering in our home, which was our eldest daughter’s 18th in February this year, we had an unexpected cyclonic weather pattern move right through.  Had to cancel. For our scheduled Mother’s Day tea party, we had massive flood rains hit which blocked most of the roads around us and thrashed our deck wildly throughout the night. Hmm….Let’s just hope these things don’t come in threes, because we are planning  a pretty big (gorgeous vintage I might add!) wedding  on a stunning property with a marquee in four months!! Wild weather is not an option! 

Anyway, back to the invitations. Good old Spotlight was a bit low on nice shabby scrapbooking paper, but after a lot of rummaging, I found these lovely pages with vintage blue dots and blush pink with gold roses. I bought some matching cardstock, gold ribbon, and a packet of Vellum see through paper. I used scrap lace from home, whipped out the double sided tape and pulled together these easy invitations. 

We have rescheduled our tea party for next weekend…missing Mother’s Day by a week, but making the most of the opportunity to gather together to eat cake and drink tea.

Keep an eye out for the photos!! xx

mothersday invitation2 





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