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Happy New Year!
To start off this fine year of 2014 I have chosen to post a recipe for my Mandarin Cupcakes. They are sweet and tangy, with a very subtle citrus flavour.

Even though mandarins are typically consumed in copious amounts in winter to keep those nasty colds away, this recipe uses tinned mandarins so they can be enjoyed throughout the steamy summer months.
[yumprint-recipe id=’5′] 


  • Carmen R Morales

    Where can I find the recipe.

    • A
      Anna Hogbin

      HI Carmen, thanks for reaching out.I’m not sure what has happened to that recipe. I’ve checked it out and yes, it seems to be absent. This blog post is a very old one and my website has just had a major overhaul, so something has gone wrong. I will update that recipe. Cheers,Anna

  • Carmen R Morales

    Where can I find the recipe. I can locate on page

  • Emily Grace

    BEAUTIFUL!! I’m going to try these out!! 😀

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