Let’s Be Pen Pals


There is a beautiful forest down the hill from our place – magical, just like Wonderland. 
In it there is a little old road where the trees arch up on either side and meet at the top, creating a perfect little paradise. I have always dreamed of what I could do down there, how I could somehow capture the beauty of the place or use it to magnify other beauty.
When a friend asked me to make an Alice costume for her daughter’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, I was, naturally, delighted. The fabric was bought and for the next few days I sat happily at my desk, creating the Alice in Wonderland costume of my dreams.
When it was finally finished, Mum (known to you as Mama Bear) and I along with my blonde-haired tom-boy of a sister who objected profusely to being the model, drove down to the little forest and had ourselves a wonderful, happy time carrying out our first proper photo shoot. 
Not really, actually. The four little spectators cried and Alice herself was not in the happiest or most cooperative of moods. We felt as mad as hatters and wondered what in wonderland we were doing, but in the end we came home with some lovely photos and felt very happy indeed. We look forward to visiting Wonderland again.
     My name is Alice – surprise surprise – and I am the second eldest and favourite of Mama Bear’s children. I’m sixteen and I sew – amongst other things – a lot. Sometimes, when I feel like it or simply because there are so many other better things I should be doing, I blog over at Alice’s Place. Other times I sew – or read – or write – or teach – or dream of having a pet lamb like Dumboe (<—) and a farm to go with it. And I can’t even think of anything else to write. I do hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse of our time in Wonderland and I suppose you will find me here again one day.  Till then, be good and eat cupcakes.


  • Deanne Langford

    The photos are beautiful, the setting is gorgeous and the chair divine! Well done Alice!

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Absolutely delightful! What a wonderful place to try a photo shoot. Everything looks amazing and what a gorgeous chair!

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