Let’s Be Pen Pals

I love a party.

I literally spend months planning how I will decorate the table , what food to prepare, and most importantly, what the cake will look like!!
It is my little happy place!!!
I love paper, ribbon, string,  glass jars, fabric and scissors!!!
I love choosing a colour scheme and spending hours thinking about how I can create beauty in the details!!

 For my mother’s 70th birthday party I chose her favourite colour…


I added red , inspired by these gorgeous party dresses.
I hunted down lots of red and blue fabric on sale,
 ….and started cutting, sewing, ripping and tying everything in sight!!


We were also celebrating my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Aren’t they gorgeous!?

All set.
Next, bring out the food!!

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  • Kate Elizabeth

    Wow! You are a very good party-coordinater! 🙂 I love the colour theme you chose, and you have so many creative ideas!!

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