Let’s Be Pen Pals

 It was my birthday last week.
I had a revelation that I didn’t want to wait until one of those large ever  looming big digit numbers to celebrate, SO
I decided to throw common sense to the wind and host myself a tea party!!!

I had been designing an elegant high tea party in my head for months, not to mention collecting fine china to use for years!! I knew I wanted my favourite cupcakes – Lavender and Earl Grey, and my birthday cake just had to be chocolate pumpkin cake with peanut butter frosting topped with dark chocolate ganache…a strange combination you might think, but oh yuuum.
I decorated cupcake favour boxes as a way to thank my guests for coming, and spent the weeks prior to my party gathering vintage cake forks to tie onto the boxes.
I was planning on setting up the party outside under our sprawling Poinsiana  tree, with pretty doily buntings and umbrellas hanging from it’s limbs, and lovely pieces of old furniture set up on the grass…
never mind that it hasn’t rained properly here for over six months!
Of course it won’t rain TODAY!!
We got 30ml of rain.
On my birthday!
SO….the short story is that I had less than an HOUR to set up on the verandah, make everything perfect and THEN photograph it …before gathering myself together, take a deep breath and welcome my lovely guests!!!
Funny how all things come together beautifully in the end!!
Please press play, listen to some Haydn and enjoy my high tea party!






My handmade invitations..
So often it’s worth hosting your own celebration, taking the opportunity to create special memories for your children and gathering together with family and friends in appreciation of the joy and gift of life.
I am so glad that  I did.


  • 66books365

    What a feast for the eyes! Beautiful.

  • Yvonne Smith, Melbourne, Victoria.

    It looks like you had a wonderful High Tea. I would love to get your sweet treats, savoury selection and birthday cake recipes for my 60th birthday High Tea. Your invitations look lovely as well. I would really be grateful to receive your recipes and advice. Thanks Yvonne.

    • mamabearskitchen2015

      Hi Yvonne. Thanks for your lovely comment. If you are able to send me an email to [email protected] with more details of what you are after, I can send you a few links to a few recipes.

  • Stunning photos of a beautiful day. I especially love the party favor gift boxes.

  • Classically Lolita

    I was wanting to do a small tea party for my birthday in August and in looking up ideas your post came up… This looks WONDERFUL!! I was wondering when you made the sandwiches, cookies, and cakes? I am planing something MUCH smaller than what yours probably was.. maybe like 3 people and I am not sure how to time everything… Can you help me?

    • A
      Mama Bear

      HI Lolita,

      Thank you so much for contacting me. I would LOVE to help you any way I can.I think it is wonderful that you are hosting a tea party for your birthday.I will send you a email in the next day or two…to the email address attached to your comment.
      Kindly, Anna

  • Hi Anna, What a lovely time I had visiting your Tea Party. The music was so relaxing and the party space was so inviting I felt right at home! Everything was absolutely beautiful. I have been dreaming of such a party for my own spring birthday. The ideas I got from yours, are wonderful. Thank you so much! Only thing I missed were the recipes, and would love to see the inside of the invitations. What A splendid party even if it did rain, it didn’t spoil your day!!! Or mine.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Anna, looks gorgeous, I bet you had fun putting it all together. Is that a new purple chair? XxTrace

  • Happy birthday Anna, looks beautiful!

  • Kirsty Nina

    Happy Birthday Girlie. Wish I lived closer!! XOXO

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Happy Birthday Anna!!! It all looks wonderful. I especially enjoyed seeing you and your six gorgeous Princesses! Beautiful idea!

  • Steve Nossiter

    Anna, I had the best afternoon on your birthday. Somehow I felt that it was your guests being spoilt instead of you! At the same time I knew you were enjoying yourself so that’s ok. Your high tea was amazing, everything so beautiful and perfect, nothing was amiss. An absolute work of art. Thanks so much!

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