Let’s Be Pen Pals

Hi De Ho folks and a hearty New Year wave from Mama Bear. Another year has bulldozed it’s way into our lives and there isn’t much point trying to hold it back screaming  ‘too soon! to soon!’ I confess I am a tad frustrated. I still feel caught up in the cyclonic turbulence of Christmas and it’s ensuing obligations. My feet are running and I haven’t had a moment to take a breath and even begin to think about what another year means to me. My house is a stark reminder of the chaos I feel.


Not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the festivities. Our Christmas season was lovely. Family, church, swimming, a trip to the cemetery, good food, sweet treats, visitors and a squeak of party styling, all of which culminated into a family friendly New Year’s bash at our place for 80 people. We had a jumping castle, camp fire, guitars, water bombs, chicken chasing by the wee ones and a pot luck dinner.

Surprisingly I hadn’t given much thought to the dessert table I wanted, in contrast to last year where I was pumped about my Summer Boho New Years Eve party . This year I threw a few things together almost at the last minute, choosing a more traditional theme while still keeping true to my love of boho, adding a bit of golden sparkle to jazz things up. 

Desserts were simple. Jars of Eton Mess and Nutella cheesecake mousse pots, Tim Tam pops and white chocolate and passionfruit cupcakes kept all of the guests happy.

I decorated mason jars with gold edged white stickers and feathers found at the two dollar shop. Each guest wrote their name on the tag and kept their glass for the night. Dessert styling does not need to be expensive. Often the cheaper shops can have items that look stylish when combined with more expensive pieces like a nice cake stand for instance. I also found a remnant of gold sparkly fabric at Spotlight which became a stunning table runner. 

Two days after the party, I took our 4 year old daughter to the doctor, on a public holiday mind you, to get antibiotics for an ear ache. Imagine our surprise when he spotted two silver balls in her ear! What followed was three days of hospital visits an hour away, many hours in waiting rooms and  finally a consultation with the specialist who eventually decided to take her into theatre to get the balls out. What we thought were two small edible silver cachous turned out to be 7 (yes 7!!) magnetic ball bearings! The mind boggles. 

Happy New Year indeed. 

Hopefully things will settle down now. I am desperate to get off the treadmill and somehow find a snippet of time to breathe, dream, create. Oh, and tidy the house, face the washing pile of mountainous proportions, put the Christmas tree away, pack away the party props, try to find the lounge room floor, take the dog for a walk, plan our homeschool year and oh yes, enjoy my children. 

Yadda Yadda.


  • Nancy Kelley

    What a lovely table display of yummy desserts for your party! Happy New Year and may it be one of good health and wonderful memories for all your family!

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Your Christmas, New Year chaos had been prolonged ….. Hope you can catch some quieter days in the coming week Anna. Pleased there was a safe conclusion to the ear ache too.

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