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Well, you could say it was my birthday last week. Another year has rolled on by and here we are again. Last year I threw myself a pretty glamorous  High tea luncheon . The joy of that celebration kept me buzzing for months. A definite winner.

This year I convinced myself I would be happy with a more low key day….a nice breakfast out with friends and dinner out with the family, (which was fabulous by the way). As usual I wanted to make myself a cake…I am a bit of a cake control freak.  I had ordered these amaaazing little crochet flowers on ebay and as soon as I saw them it was love at first sight. A cake simply HAD to be made in these colours! Actually, what I really wanted to do was create a mini dessert table filled with bright pink, orange and yellow wool…hot pink cookies and this fabulous cake…bring some talented friends around and have an afternoon of learning to crochet…I am tempted to still try and wing that one….these flowers are way too fabulous to ignore.



Anyway, I didn’t do the dessert table. I spent most of the day perfecting my cake, while my consequently neglected  little ones decided to get out some eggs, flour, a mixing bowl and muffin tray and make their own cake!  By the end of the day the whole house was in an uproar..the kitchen was unrecognisable, the stress levels were high and to be honest, I don’t think anyone actually appreciated my  cake as much as I did. Nevertheless, a  cake was created and I really love the bright boppy colours. I think this colour combination of hot pink, electric yellow and neon orange is insanely brilliant. I can’t get enough of it. 

One revelation I did have, was a renewed commitment to be more organised next year, and from now on, forever after, to throw myself a darling celebration on my special day. It doesn’t have to be elaborate,  a sweet tea party, or crochet party, or a high tea.. something that says

‘hooray…it’s MY birthday!!!”


















  • Rose @ RoseBakes.com

    It’s perfect and beautiful!! Love you friend…. happy, HAPPY birthday!! xo

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOO SWEET MAMA BEAR !! Love these boppy colours. Good on you making a gorgeous cake to celebrate your special day. Amen!

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