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I am a classic DIY – er. If you need an invitation made, then I am your gal.  None of these non tangible, electronic email invitations please. I insist on using real paper, real scissors and glue. It relaxes me. The more detail the better. The longer they take, the more I enjoy them. It’s just what I love to do. When I finally get a chance to sit down in the evening, I must have something to work on, some craft or project to keep my hands busy. I love the feel of a needle and thread in my hand, or paper, buttons and fabric. I  love creating something organic and textural. I love putting things together and personalising them into unique little works of art. I have a few tips on how to make your own vintage invitations  HERE.

At the moment I am working on a gender neutral baby shower with a very rustic, woody, old fashioned theme. I have dragged timber pallets, trestle table, hessian, string and lace up into our family room and am slowly putting my lovely display together. I have told the family that this is now ‘my space’ for a month and to be gracious with all of my bits and pieces.

 It will be an intimate gathering, with less than twenty people, so I decided to create these simple invitations to make the guests feel special and to whet their appetite for a wonderful afternoon celebrating the precious new life arriving soon.

These invitations were quite easy to make. Again, most of these supplies came from Spotlight. Ready made cards were given a facelift with paper doilies, one which I tea dyed, and vintage baby toppers were downloaded from Etsy. A lace bow and button were placed on top of each card with double sided scrapbooking tape and the invitations were finished off with brown string and ribbon tied around the spine. Too easy. 

I hope you like them. x

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