Let’s Be Pen Pals

Last October our dearest Miss D turned 4.
My personal Party Planner, Miss A, created a fabulous dress up tea party with a red and white  storybook theme. 
This party really needs a post of its own , but a few photos will have to suffice.
( I apologise for the length of this post. Please bear with me!)

 My BEAUTIFUL right hand girl, Miss A.
She is the brains and creativity behind this whole party. 
 I could never do what I do without her.
She is my Angel! XX
This year, we were inspired to do a fairy party!!
Our friend Miss C wanted to celebrate her birthday with our Miss D, so she brought a few friends and  we all played fairies for the afternoon!
Miss A made most of the food, and  we created a beautiful table.
Jelly teacups.
 ( we ran out of time to put cream on the top….oops)
Toadstools and honey jumble biscuits.
This is THE CAKE!!
I was so happy with it. 
I edged it with gum paste and frilled each layer using a toothpick!!!!
I have since invested in a frilling tool which will be much easier on the fingers!!!
My frilling needs a lot of practice, but I am happy with my first effort.
 Little Miss L SUFFERED in her fairy outfit and removed it after about two minutes!!
I didn’t even get a good photo of her, and she looked SO pretty!
(Gotta love Dad’s tiara!!)
This was FUN.
I made  some star and heart biscuits  for the children to decorate.
It was a hit. 
I will definitely do this again.


I then wrapped them in bags to take home.
I was SO excited to see this work.
 I have never tried to colour cakes before.
 There is Swiss meringue buttercream in between the layers.
What a beautiful day we had together.
Happy Birthday darling Miss D.
We all love you,
Love Mama Bear


  • Haley Watson

    What a fantastic idea with the decorating of the biscuits!! These photos are amazing! It looks like it was every little girl’s dream birthday party. The fairy outfits are so pretty & girly – I love it!!xxx p.s. Your Miss A really is amazing – she is all my Miss F talks about! 🙂

  • 3 things. Miss L in a fairy dress!!! WOW!! I WANT my very own Miss A !!! And..love the gumboots for the snakes…hahahaha!!! That aside…SO much GORGEOUSNESS in one set of photo’s!!! Love it all. xxx

  • Love! Love! Love! You are amazing!

  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Wow, what a delightful day for all! Looks like so much fun.

  • Oh wow, that is so cute! Daisy is growing up so fast, she doesn’t look like a baby anymore!

  • Emma Ventura

    WOWWWW! :O So.much.yumminess! My mouth was watering the whole time I was looking at this! xP
    The party looked AMAZING! 8D

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