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I am so excited about these rosettes!! I know it’s only icing, but in a word, WOW!!!! they are nothing short of gorgeous and incredibly versatile. 

This was my MIL’s birthday cake. I used a two tone yellow and white icing combination and it looked fabulous. Oh, did I mention that I iced it in a motel room in Coffs Harbour?? Now thats dedication for you!!
I have since learned that the key for successful rosettes is getting the right consistency in the icing. I have experienced (to my horror!), that those pretty little things will slide right off the cake if the icing isn’t firm enough. Thankfully this birthday cake worked out beautifully!

This was my first Rosette cake, which I made for Charlotte and Bobby’s birthday. Pink and white two toned icing. Very pretty.
A better photo of the colours. The cake was a sour cream chocolate cake. A great recipe that I use for all of my chocolate cupcakes. Cream can be substituted for sour cream. I will post the recipe.
I admit that I got carried away with this one! Caleb works for a lovely French couple in their restaurant and they had a masquerade evening to celebrate Bastille Day. Right about  lunch, yes LUNCH time, I decided to make them a cake! Now, this is actually two cakes joined with cream and needs to be made a day ahead of icing. Anyhow, all went well until the rosettes started sliding OFF the cake!! After the first scrape off, Caleb announces that he is leaving in 15 minutes and it was about then that I wondered WHY I do this to myself!! 
Suffice it to say that the TOP of the cake looked fab and they all loved it. Caleb’s boss even commented on the taste of the cake , which was pretty nice coming from a renown french chef!!
This is simply beauty in a cupcake!!! 

My Buttercream roses are another story entirely!
A Quick word on two tone icing.
 The secret (yes, I hope you feel privileged that I am sharing it), is in putting the two colours into separate icing bags and then flattening them down slightly and placing them in a third icing bag. I get my disposable icing bags from Spotlight. (NOT in the cake decorating section..wayyy too expensive. Go to the section with muffin trays and spatulas / kitchen things .)
The tip you will need is a large closed star tip. A WILTON 1M tip is perfect. Some Spotlight stores sell these.

Some pretty pink cupcakes I made while experimenting with white chocolate.


  • The Awesome Axelberries- Why thank you!!!!! I am loving your compliments. I am sooooo excited about seeing you all in March. You MUST come for a whole day at least!!! XXX

  • When’s your shop opening? I shall fly up to be your first customer!


  • Jess Axelby

    Mamabear, how cute! Can you teach me decorating skills, please!!!

  • I’m speechless! 🙂

  • Emma Ventura

    They look SCRUMPTIOUS! O.O I think my mind is made up. I should like one IDENTICAL to the yellow cake for my wedding! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • JEL-OUS!!!! They look heavenly!

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