Let’s Be Pen Pals

I love this cake.
It took two days to make, but the results were worth it. 
I adapted the recipe from Whisk-Kid.
 (Look for Caramel Cake in the recipe index).
If you like baking from scratch, this one is for you. 

 I had more success this time making the caramel for the cake and icing.
 It only took me three attempts.
(Remember the 14 cups of sugar I  went through earlier!?)
I think I am finally getting the hang of it.

I then made the meringue disk for the middle of the cake and whipped up a truck load of 
Swiss meringue buttercream icing.
(See Whisk-kid.com)
Next came the roses.
I used my standard vanilla cream cheese buttercream for these and the final layer of icing.
All the while we had a beautiful family with five delightful children 
staying with us.
(Yes, that equals 13 children in the house for 5 days!!)
It was awesome.
I have known this particular friend since we were young children.
There is something  comfortable and easy about spending time
with someone who has known you for a very long time.


  • Thank you for your prompt reply! My buttercream is in the kitchen aid beating at the moment, so far so good… I ended up doing just one quantity, as it’s my first time and I wasn’t even sure how big the batch is… I’m using the whisk kid recipe, what a cool blog!
    Your daughter’s party looks amazing by the way! It’s inspiring to see how much you achieve apart from the everyday things that must be done… I have three little ones, and began homeschooling the eldest this year and feel so busy. At times it seems that I only have time for the must dos but no time for the want tos, but your creativity is amazing, so encouraging! 🙂

  • Mama Bear

    HI Andrea. Thanks for your comment. I am new to Italian meringue buttercream, but it should be fine to double.It does take a while though, so keep that in mind. I know that Whisk Kid uses a large batch of it, so have a look at her blog.

  • Hello, I’ve stumbled across your website and am very inspired by your cakes! I’m planning to make Italian meringue buttercream for the first time for my daughters birthday cake (tomorrow!) and I’m wondering if you have ever doubled the meringue buttercream recipe? I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere… I’m trying to work out if I should do two separate batches or if I can do it in one. Thanks. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Watching you decorate this cake Anna remided me of watching you draw so beatifully when we were young. You have such a natural talent. XOXO

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Wow, wow, WOW! It looks sensational both inside and out. With 17 people in the house I’m sure there were no left overs either!

  • Hello Mrs H
    Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog and for your comment. I love your blog so much!! The food and pictures are amazing and I love how bright and colourful it all is. It’s so inspiring and looking at your amazing food always makes me want to get into the kitchen and bake!
    Grace x

  • GORGEOUS!!! I love this one…wish I could taste it too…mmmm caramel!!! Detail on icing is gorgeous. X

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