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Hello lovely ones. How’s things? Thankfully life settled down for us this past week. Our dear young people have gone home and with two of our girls away at camp, we downsized for a few days, enjoying a well earned rest. Not for long though, as I am hosting a tea party for 34 ladies next weekend in a local country hall. It will be a delightfully vintage affair and I can’t wait to show you a few pieces I have been working on, particularly a hand sewn backdrop made from embroidered linen, vintage tablecloths and doilies. 

For now though, I want to show you this naked cake I made and embellished with candied pear slices. I was surprised by how simple they were to make and pretty delighted with the finished product. It was the first time I made them and I’m keen to experiment further with different fruits and vegetables. I tried our home grown baby beetroots, but they didn’t turn out so well. I’m thinking citrus – oranges, lemons and limes could work, and different types of apples. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 

What really makes these candied pears pop is the edible gold dust brushed onto them, giving a real sparkle. You can buy it online at any cake decorating store. For ease, I lightly dusted the pear slices after I put them on the cake.

This is such an easy way to dress up any simple cake or even cupcake. For this naked cake I gently pushed each slice of pear onto the side where the icing adhered them together.  With the crisper pieces I carefully eased them onto the top of the cake. Nothing could be easier. Just add a gold topper and you have yourself a fancy pants celebration cake.

If you are interested in making candied pears, use the simple recipe below. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’20’] 

I have a few fun cakes and projects to share with you in coming weeks, including a sweet ‘Brambly Hedge’ wedding I was involved in last weekend, more cakes, a delicious lemon blueberry cupcake recipe and a cute vintage cactus party I have been dying to show you. 

Thanks for popping into my happy place. Why don’t you drop me  line, introduce yourself and say G’day. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend. xx


  • Beth Moore

    G’Day from California (LOL)

    I love the last photo, as well. So sweet❤️

    Couple Questions: Do you spray the baking tray or just use the lining. Is the lining Parchment Paper? Also, do you sprinkle gold dust on the pears when their warm out of the oven or does it stick even when cooled.

    Thank you,

    • A
      Anna Hogbin

      G’Day to you!!! Hi Beth, thank you for your comment.To answer your questions, no, I don’t spray the paper..and yes, it’s bake paper (here in Oz)…parchment or grease free paper for cooking. I use the gold dust when the pears are dry..I brush it on with a clean (new) makeup brush and have no problems with it sticking to the pears. I hope this helps! Have a great day in California.Cheers,

  • Lynda Chastagnier

    Lovely cake
    How in advance can you do the pear?
    How about if they are coloured?
    Look forward to your reply

  • The last photo is my favourite, love the behind the scenes fun you must have with the girls helping out!

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