Let’s Be Pen Pals

Good morning lovelies. 

It really is a treat to be here today. Thank you so much for stopping by.

As I write this post, reflecting on these beautiful images of something as simple as a decorated cake, I remember one of the happiest days I have had this year. These images are a labour of love, an expression of my idea of beauty. They bring me so much joy and as I mentioned in my last post, have ignited within me an adventurous spark and longing to explore my own backyard (and hopefully further afield) with a cake and a camera in my hands (but not at the same time! Ha). 

Hubby and I went out for breakky this week to a local beachside cafe. Sitting there sipping my coffee I couldn’t believe how fortunate we are to have such beauty at our doorstep. (Heck! How fortunate are we to actually be able to walk out our front door and even go to a cafe this week!) My imagination went into overdrive and I am already planning a low tide beach cake shoot. 

As life pressed in around us with a particularly tight squeeze this week, the contrast between hopes, dreams, imagination and all things good and beautiful and the harsher, more painful elements of reality couldn’t have been more stark. I have been thrown into the bleak void in the middle with no apparent connection between these two seemingly opposing truths of real life.

As a beautiful friend gently reminded me recently, no-one gets through life without pain and heartache in some measure. Sadly, it is very much a part of the deal. During those times, like this week, when life throws an unexpected curve ball, I have realised that there still is a place for coexistence between beauty and pain. In times of crises, superfluous things are filtered out and only the essential remain. An inbuilt survival mechanism I guess.

This week I learned two things. One, you need less than a handful of true, faithful sister friends to turn to when times get tough. Two, something as simple and exquisite as a pretty bunch of flowers (or a pretty cake) can lift your spirits enough to get you through a really difficult day. If you combine the two, friendship and beauty, both God given gifts and conduits for healing, you can be  strengthened enough to take the next step when your walk falters.

The older I get, the more I realise that life isn’t all about having loads of friends (or thousands of ‘followers’). I think we were essentially designed to have a few true sister friends who we can call on in difficult times, knowing without a doubt that they will be there when we need them.

I was so blessed this week, when I needed support and prayer, I knew exactly who to turn to, and these dear ones did not disappoint. One friend who lives far away sent me a picture of the most spectacular bright orange and yellow roses she found while doing her shopping. She knows me and knows how much I love bright colours. A simple message saying she wished she could bring a bunch of them to me blessed me so much.

Strength for the journey. 

Another friend turned up on my doorstep with a massive bunch of flowers for me, again, hand picked with the colours she knows I love.  As we hugged and cried I knew I would make it through.

Strength for the journey. 

Again, a distant sister friend sends late night texts of support, giving me freedom and a safe place to share confusion, doubt, anger and pain. Another asks if she can pray for me.

Strength for the journey. 

A tight hug from a compassionate son and shared tears with a young daughter.

Strength for the journey. 

These simple acts of kindness really ministered life and love to my bruised heart this week. As I look at the bright bunch of my favourite coloured flowers on the dining table, my creativity is once again stirred and I imagine the next  cake I would like to decorate with them. Even during tough times it’s good to let yourself dream and hope for good things. Feeling surrounded by so much love gives me the courage to believe I will make it through this challenge, and the next, and whatever else life throws my way. 

So, take courage dear hearts. You are not alone. Reach out when you need to. Turn to those who love you when times get tough. Be kind to yourself and make room for beauty when your heart is sore. It is a life giving tonic. 

Thanks for listening to my heart again this morning. And thank you for sharing in my grand cake adventure in the country! Oh what joy! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next week with a new cupcake recipe or perhaps a delightful vintage party to share.

Lots of love,

Anna xx



  • Sending flowery hugs your way for a better week dear Anna ???
    Thank you for these heartfelt words to cheer us on

  • Sending you love and hugs Anna ox

  • So beautifully written Anna and so true! You have always been one who has given so many of us the strength for the journey! Hope next week is a better one for you. ??

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