Let’s Be Pen Pals

Well…that was intense!
This past month has consolidated my long held oppinion that our big life is just plain crazy!  I hardly know where to start. I spent two weeks in bed sick as a dog….not a nice way to get a break!! Thankfully my angel mother came to the rescue and stopped the family ship from sinking. She is a whizz around our home. All of the washing gets done, folded AND put away….no mean feat when I have about three loads a day. She defrosted our freezer, cleaned out my disastrous Tupperware drawer, washed all of the bed sheets AND blankets….feed our brood, cleaned up, washed up, played cards with the kids every night and had our home ship shape in no time! She is very efficient.
I wish I was more like her.

Somewhere in there, two of our little Lambs also got sick…more vomiting, bed washing and care.
In between the blur of nausea, I took two of our bigger Lambs to a Taekwondo tournament four hours up the coast. We also did a day trip to a major city in the next state, took the whole family back over the mountains seven hours away to give the kids a taste of country life at an Agricultural fair, had a steady flow of in house visitors and baked six dozen cupcakes!
Miraculously, I actually managed to create a couple of extra special sugar treats. They were not, however, without their own set of stresses.
 Cake failure. I hate it.
This sparkly cake was made for a friend’s daughter who was turning 11 and  having a fun filled day of dress ups, makeup and movies with her friends. My own 11 year old daughter spent hours making these cute little dress cupcake toppers. They had to be just so….must be white to match the birthday girl’s dress. No tulle because she doesn’t like tulle and it is not a princess party Mum!…We compromised on the strapless dress part, as the birthday girl does not like that style…but we were seriously running out of time! In the end,
I think they looked pretty sweet.
I need to apologise for the terrible quality of these photos. I literally had less than half an hour to set them up and photograph them….and  then my camera decided to DIE after the first 5 photos!!!
Can you imagine my distress!? I couldn’t believe it.
SO, these flawed attempts from my phone are seriously not blog worthy.
The cake and cupcakes were travelling four hours away, with our daughter..(more dramas)…and to my utter horror, they were to be transported in the back of a ute! A UTE.
Mental note to self: don’t ever…ever…ever think cakes will survive in the back of a ute even if they are well padded and secured in an esky!!! Arrgh!!
Upon arrival, my daughter couldn’t wait to tell me how all  of the cupcakes got jumbled about and completely mooshed up beyond recognition…..aahhh!
I felt sick.
Thankfully, the cake survived with minimal damage to the top, which was easily hidden by the cupcake mirror stand.
So friends, it has been quite a month.
First thing on my to do list is to get my camera fixed. I feel almost naked without it…and have to intentionally calm myself whenever I remember it is not working!
So much to bake…so much to style….what am I to do without my camera?
Did I mention that I have four birthdays in the next three weeks? Ohh that camera must get fixed. 
Meanwhile, I will distract myself by planning some very special parties for my birthday  Lambs.

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