Let’s Be Pen Pals

Good morning  Lovelies. How was your week?  If you read last week’s post on Motherhood musings   you may have picked up that I was having a bit of a moment with my lack of organisational skills and ability to run a large household efficiently. Well, I am pleased to announce that I have gained the victory this week! Forgive me for boasting, but today I actually saw the bottom of our two huge washing baskets in the laundry. Yes, I did it. I washed every single  piece of dirty clothing  and can proudly respond to the children who are looking for a certain item “Well, it’s all clean, so you must be able to find it!” 

Actually, that joy lasted about twenty three minutes as I  soon discovered a small mountain of dirty clothes stuffed in obscure places in the kid’s bedroom. Sigh. Nevermind, I’m still going to own it and pat myself on the back. Good job Mum.

Tonight we are throwing an 18th birthday party for our youngest son. Like every mum, I can’t believe he is all grown up and charging head on into adulthood. He is certainly becoming his own man, forming his own views and finding his place in the world. It’s such an exciting time in a young man’s life. So much to look forward to. I remember being his age like it was yesterday. Gosh I loved those years. So much fun and laughter. Not a care in the world. However, I am grateful for different seasons in our lives and would never want to stay 18 forever. As good as those years were, I much prefer settling back into the wisdom of my years surrounded by my loving husband and precious babes. 

And so, of course there must be a dessert table at the party. I’m a bit excited about my self imposed challenge to create a modern, male friendly, non vintage dessert table. No bright colours, no rusty old things and not a hint of clutter. I am also creating my first donut wall. I will post about the party next week, so stay tuned for some monochromatic marvels. 

Now onto cacti. I am loving this trend in the cake and party world at the moment. There are so many talented cake artists who are rocking these buttercream succulents. This is my first humble attempt at a cactus cake. I am practicing for my daughter’s 10th birthday cactus party next month. While they are a bit rough, I’ve gotta say these succulents were a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to go a bit cactus crazy! 

I hope you enjoy my cake and your weekend. See you next week.


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