Let’s Be Pen Pals

Here it is, my beautiful Mother’s birthday cake!!
It is called
 Brimming with Roses.

Happy 70th Birthday Mum,
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad.
You are the BEST!!


  • Caroline J

    Anna this cake is divine. YOu are sooo clever!!
    Love Caroline

  • Kate Elizabeth

    WOW! That is THE most amazing cake! I can only imagine the hours of work that must have gone into it… and what a lovely result! Good work… you are amazing!

  • There are NO words!! It is GORGEOUS Anna. SO many hours of work….but such a beautiful result for all your effort. Well done!!! X

  • Pieces of Sunshine

    The cake and decorations look sensational! Almost as beautiful as your mother – a wonderful double celebration.

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