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Hello Lovely ones, how’s things? Life is looking pretty good from where I am sitting. It’s such a crazy ride at times, and today is no exception, but somehow, at the moment, I have a peace in the journey and I will hang onto it. Yes Please.

We had a bit of a city escapade for a couple of nights this week. There is an exhibition from the British Museum (sigh…number 1 on my Bucket List) on Ancient Egypt that I have been trying to get the kids to for aaages. Finally the stars and planets aligned and we got there. Oh my heart. It was incredible. Like three and a half thousand year old bread in the tomb incredible….I feel things deeply and to stand there looking at ancient tablets from before the time of Moses impacted me profoundly. These people were so intelligent, talented and skilful.  I was impressed by their attention to detail and artistry. By the painstaking ritual of respect shown to the departed in preparation for the afterlife. Amazing.

One day I will head to London and spend an entire week in the British Museum. I know it’s big, but I want to see every single thing. Ironically, history and things past fill my heart with life. As I said goodbye to the artefacts, mummies, childrens shoes and three and a half thousand year old bread, I felt I had made new friends. I shared in the tiniest part of living history and it absolutely filled my heart to full and overflowing. 

Yeah, I’m a bit of a sentimental old fool like that. 

Back to reality driving home as we were expecting nearly twenty young Christian Surfers to arrive and set up camp in our back yard for the night. Our oldest daughter is also bringing a carload up from Sydney to join them for a weekend of surfing, fun, eating, sitting by the open fire and enjoying sweet fellowship. I love having these precious young adults in our home. They are so full of life and energy and see the world as it should be seen, full of hope and opportunity. 

Speaking of hope, is there anything more gloriously hopeful than welcoming precious new life into the world? This baby shower is very close to my heart as the family are sweet friends of mine. You may even recognise my lovely model from the Easter shoot I did recently. This baby shower was for her sister. 

We kept everything minimal (new for me!)  as it was quite a small gathering. I helped out with some gluten and dairy free cupcakes and the feature cake. The family provided all the savoury food and I set up a very simple dessert table to showcase the sweets. 

The shower was held in the stunning Blackwood House AirBnB. Oh my. If you are after luxury accommodation near glorious ByronBay, then look no further. It is truly spectacular.

I kept the styling fairly minimal, with a distinct earthy focus. Wooden cake stands and handmade tree slice cake stands were used for the succulent cupcakes which I decorated in deep shades of violet and avacado green. I threw in a bit of bling with gold sequin fabric draped over the timber trestle. I love to add a touch of quirky to my tables so I used vintage salt and pepper shakers as name card holders.

One request was a photo backdrop. I loved creating this very bohemian feature piece with lace and doilies fitted into embroidery hoops, sewn together with fishing line. I cut strips of old lace curtains from the op shop and sewed them onto the edges of the doilies (just in case you were wondering how I made it!) It looked quite dramatic up against the beautiful black timber wall. While it was not a quick project to make, it now hangs proudly in our entry way here at home.

It was an honour to play a small role in celebrating the imminent arrival of this dear little one. Baby showers are definitely my favourite parties to style. Those darling  bundles of gorgeousness just take my breath away every single time. I am so thrilled for this precious new mother, who is about to embark on the greatest adventure of her life.

Welcome to the world darling Husky. You are perfection. 


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  • I love waiting for your blog each week Anna and seeing what beautiful creative delights you’ve dreamed up. And oh that baby is just as delicious as your cakes!!

    • A
      Mama Bear

      Thanks so much Leisa! Your encouraging comments mean so much to me. And yes, isn’t he the cutest baby in the world! xx

  • STUNNING!!!! LOVE the backdrop. And oh my heart how gorgeous is that baby!!!!! Those eyes!!

    • A
      Mama Bear

      Thank you so much Jules. Yes, that precious baby is a darling! xx

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