Let’s Be Pen Pals

I have recently discovered Black bottom cupcakes. 
This is where a  chocolate cheesecake mixture is placed on top of a normal cupcake mix before baking.  The result is a decadent power hit of flavour.  Apparently these are  an American idea and most likely very popular there.  I am probably the only ignorant Australian who has never heard of them!! 

I am pretty excited by the concept  and am already dreaming up different possibilities.
 I want to try strawberry cheesecake cupcakes this week.
 (Strawberry bottom cupcakes??? Hmmmm)

You can eat them as they are, for a less indulgent snack, or if you have a wickedly sweet tooth like myself, then they simply must be piled high with cream cheese frosting.

For this recipe I made a coffee flavoured frosting…….the choc coffee combo packs a hefty punch!


If any of my American readers would care to enlighten me on these delicious cupcakes, I would welcome the feedback. Are they typically made with chocolate? I have come across them in quite a few recipe books. Perhaps they are as common as the Aussie Lamington!?

One thing is for sure, now that I have discovered the Black bottom cupcake, I know they will quickly become a favourite and I can’t wait to make my next batch! Stay tuned for a recipe…..coming soon.





  • I love your photography!
    It captures the very essence of the cupcakes!

  • Deanne Langford

    They look delectable, I would love the coffee icing too! I have never heard of them either!

  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    I’ve never heard of these either but they sure do sound sand look very delicious! Maybe this is one recipe I shouldn’t try as they may to too tempting…..

  • Kirsty Nina

    Anna, cupcakes look great BUT, WHERE did you get that fabric? IT’S DIVINE!!!!!! Love the retro layout. Oh and I’m sure the cupcakes are delish too! XOXO

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