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autumn 8

Autumn is my favourite season. Actually, it’s a toss up between Autumn and winter. I Often walk past our lovely neighbour’s house and am always struck by the beauty of their deciduous trees which are one of the few signs of seasonal change here in our sub tropical climate. It just so happens that they also have a  feisty  horse called Mosey in a rustic paddock directly behind the trees. Each time I walk past I tell myself that one day I am going to set up a dessert table right in front of Mosey’s yard.

A few weekends ago I got the opportunity I was looking for. It all started with a bunch of  beautiful burnt orange roses. I was buying flowers for a cake order and spotted these incredible flowers. They literally took my breath away! Right then and there I decided to throw together an autumn inspired dessert table the next day. It was Friday, and my only window of time to do the shoot was Saturday afternoon. Yikes!

autumn 13

I won’t go into all of the details of how I managed to pull this off, except to say that I am a fast worker ( I have to be with the crazy life I lead! ), I love styrofoam dummy cakes and I roped my girls in to help me bake. I have also been thinking about this dessert table for many months (my happy place) and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I always create an inspiration folder of ideas for shoots I want to do…the old fashioned way with paper, glue and scissors, and I narrow down what I’d like to do, with what I can realistically achieve.


I love involving my younger girls in my creative pursuits. From helping me bake to modelling in my photo shoots, I am hoping to pass on my passion of creative styling, love of vintage collecting and baking to my daughters. Plus they are very cute models.

autumn 77

Crisp red apples, juicy oranges, caramel corn and ginger kisses. Chocolate kahlua cake, choc chip peanut butter cookies, orange and poppy seed cupcakes, spicy gingerbread cake with poached pears and nutty trail mix all featured on my Autumn dessert table. These are some of my favourite winter foods and flavours.

It was a whirlwind, but I think we created a few memories and managed a delightful afternoon with my girls.

autumn 21

autumn 104

autumn 116

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  • Nancy Kelley

    Your autumn photo shoot is a feast for the eyes! What stunning pictures! It looks like a page from a storybook setting with such adorable fairies. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity!

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