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It seems to be a long time between drinks, or blog posts these days. I feel neglectful and wish I was able to spend more time sharing my baking adventures and doing some overdue housekeeping here in Mama Bear’s Kitchen. But alas, real life beckons and I must answer her call. As you all know,  our son’s wedding is drawing ever nearer.   As life would have it, there also seems to be  a lot of our young friends  planning weddings in the next six months and (bless this Mama Bear’s heart), I have the privilege  of helping most of them out with their cakes, dessert tables and styling. To say I am super excited would be an understatement!! I am loving the opportunity  to do my thing and bless these young brides by helping them create the wedding of their dreams!! OH what joy. 

Last weekend I made this 50th birthday cake for one of my dearest, most treasured friends. Every stoke of the spatula was made with loads of love as I created this two tiered buttercream cake as part of a surprise morning tea for my friend. The bottom tier was one of her favourites, mango and white chocolate, and the top tier was lime and pistachio with a white chocolate buttercream frosting. I found these way too cute giant chocolate freckle numbers which I thought would make the perfect finishing touch to the cake.

My spatula will be getting a workout for the rest of the year, so have patience with me and stay tuned to see more of  my creations as wedding fever hits!!    xx

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